Immigrants Imprisoned to Boost US Prison-Corporation Profits

chaingangap95112101533_1GLOBAL RESEARCH – 93% of the people who are locked up in the U.S. in order to meet the minimum legal requirements for the number of people who must be locked up on possible violations of U.S. immigration laws, are locked in for-profit prisons, which are owned by corporations that heavily fund a few politicians, including Hillary Clinton.

That 93% finding was published on June 20th, in a study by the Center for Constitutional Rights, titled, “Banking on Detention: Local Lockup Quotas and the Immigrant Dragnet”.023cf57daefce8966dfdc7d3c24e7d27 Continue reading “Immigrants Imprisoned to Boost US Prison-Corporation Profits”

New Mega Prison attacked by Activists

Smash Prison Society

 Sabotage against Wrexham mega prison

wrexhamLast night an action took place at the site of Europe’s second largest prison in construction on Wrexham Industrial Estate in North Wales. The mega-prison, if built, will cage more than 2100 human beings at any one time. Multiple large diggers and construction equipment had their engines destroyed. Slogans were sprayed on the half-built prison fences including ‘Fuck Lend Lease’ and ‘Fire to the Prisons’. Continue reading “New Mega Prison attacked by Activists”

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