Stop Nicaragua Canal: a Mega-Crime against People and Planet

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(Paris, Manuagua) The Nicaraguan government must revoke the interoceanic canal concession and other mega-projects granted to companies belonging to the Chinese investor Wang Jing, declared today FIDH and CENIDH in Managua on the occasion of the presentation of the report “Nicaragua : Impact of Interoceanic canal concession on human rights. The resistance of rural communities”._76116406_9de31d00-5482-4800-a6cb-15de6cabb563

“Respecting nature and the rights of rural communities is not a luxury. It’s a duty. These projects will have a dramatic impact on the environment and on human rights. It is unimaginable to sell off territory as such. The government must back out.” Continue reading “Stop Nicaragua Canal: a Mega-Crime against People and Planet”

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