trailer: PROVO! The Great Anarchist Happening of Amsterdam,


Sixties Trip | A clip from the forthcoming film PROVO! The Great Anarchist Happening of Amsterdam, from the creators of Engines of Domination (Film’s for Action’s best documentary of 2014) Featuring Charles Shaw, Derrick Broze and Slavko Martinov!

Provo was an Amsterdam anarchist movement that existed for just two years (1965-1967), but its impact resonated for years to come in the Netherlands and abroad. Through nonviolent resistance and political proposals, the movement captured the imagination of a generation, and reshaped the Dutch political and cultural landscape. Part art movement and part political party, Provo was a loose collective of individuals with various ambitions: subversive agendas, artistic motives, utopian ideas and concrete plans. Between 1965 and 1967, these motives and agendas briefly overlapped, and created a unique movement.
Provo from Dutch, “provoceren,” provoke.Provo Teaser Trailer:  A Reckless Aesthetics Production:

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