Roberto wrote ‘Feed Royals to the Sharks’ on Facebook before his Arrest

13 Spanish policemen broke into Roberto’s home at 7.30 am, took his laptop and cellphone and dragged him away. The Canary Island activist  had written ”Bourbons to the Sharks” and ”I Shit on the Royals, the King and his Repressive Forces” on his Facebook page.
The case comes after a long series of ‘gagging arrests’ especially of singers, rap artists, twitter critics,  especially Catalan independentists, and even two puppeteers.
The Tenerife activist, Roberto Mesa, not only faces the imputation of a crime of insult to the Crown but also a crime of hatred to Spanish institutions and the security bodies of the State. As Cadena SER has learned, the National Police Body (CNP) had been investigating Mesa since 2007 due to its ‘contestatory’ activity on social networks.
Things looked black for Roberto, but then all the Canarian movements came to his rescue, picketing the police and then  the court.
Almost a hundred  Canarian, Spanish and South American social and political organizations – including Podemos, Izquierda Unida and Sí Se Puede –  signed a support manifesto for Roberto Mesa, which was read on Friday at a rally held at the gates of the Palace of Justice in La Laguna. Continue reading “Roberto wrote ‘Feed Royals to the Sharks’ on Facebook before his Arrest”

20D..Spain: 33 Mass Demos vs. Gag law and Arrest of Anarchists

Saturday 20th December sees at least 33 major demonstrations against the much hated ‘Gagging  Law’.FINAL

The law has already been pushed through  as the corrupt far right PP still have a majority, and is due to come into effect, giving the police ridiculous powers, plus fines of up to half a million for protesting, plus internet censorship, etc, Continue reading “20D..Spain: 33 Mass Demos vs. Gag law and Arrest of Anarchists”

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