Roberto wrote ‘Feed Royals to the Sharks’ on Facebook before his Arrest

13 Spanish policemen broke into Roberto’s home at 7.30 am, took his laptop and cellphone and dragged him away. The Canary Island activist  had written ”Bourbons to the Sharks” and ”I Shit on the Royals, the King and his Repressive Forces” on his Facebook page.
The case comes after a long series of ‘gagging arrests’ especially of singers, rap artists, twitter critics,  especially Catalan independentists, and even two puppeteers.
The Tenerife activist, Roberto Mesa, not only faces the imputation of a crime of insult to the Crown but also a crime of hatred to Spanish institutions and the security bodies of the State. As Cadena SER has learned, the National Police Body (CNP) had been investigating Mesa since 2007 due to its ‘contestatory’ activity on social networks.
Things looked black for Roberto, but then all the Canarian movements came to his rescue, picketing the police and then  the court.
Almost a hundred  Canarian, Spanish and South American social and political organizations – including Podemos, Izquierda Unida and Sí Se Puede –  signed a support manifesto for Roberto Mesa, which was read on Friday at a rally held at the gates of the Palace of Justice in La Laguna.
The younger King Felipe, who was paying a flying visit to the Canaries, has distinguished himself by his support for the disgustingly corrupt Spanish rulers, his own family has remained free despite a monstrous corruption scandal.Image result for spanish royal corruption scandalBut worst have been his attacks his attacks on those seeking more autonomy in the Canarian, Catalan and Basque ”colonies”, using language more appropriate to the dictator Franco who originally appointed his family to Royalty.
Roberto appeared in Court Number 5 of La Laguna to testify after being arrested on Thursday morning, in a remarkable police deployment, when he was at home. Supporters of Mesa belonging to various groups gathered to demonstrate at the gates of the courts of La Laguna, as they also did on Thursday when Mesa was in the police offices of Avenida Tres de Mayo.
Image result for spanish royal corruption scandal
The groups criticize the “dictatorial and repressive regime” of the State and underline that the “unjust detention” of the Tenerife activist “attempts” against the right to freedom of expression and is an “example” of the loss of civil rights since it entered force the so-called ‘gag law’.The representatives of the groups have described that a total of 13 police officers entered the house of Roberto at 0730 hours “with blows and shouts”, prevented the women who were in the house from getting dressed and locked up other men in rooms, taking Roberto detained and requisitioning his computer and mobile phone.

In addition the police alleged that he wished death to Civil Guards and National Police last year when he posted the following on his Facebook account after a Chief Commissioner, José Miguel Camejo  died by suicide. “Sad News Another torturer who lived until he felt like it without being judged.”

Specifically, last December, referring to the suicide of the Chief Commissioner, José Miguel Camejo. That day he posted the following on his Facebook account. “Sad News Another torturer who lived until he felt like it without being judged.”
 Roberto Mesa was also arrested by the Civil Guard along with four other people when they insulted a graphic reporter during the mass demonstrations against oil prospecting in 2014. Finally, the Prosecutor’s Office shelved the case and the oil extraction was cancelled.


The titular magistrate of the Court Number 1 of La Laguna (Tenerife), César Romero Pamparacuatro, acting as guard, has decreed this Friday provisional freedom for Roberto Mesa, a social activist from Tenerife who is accused of an alleged crime of incitement to hatred and insults to the Institutions and the Police  .Related image

After taking a statement throughout the morning of this Friday, the judge imposes the only obligation to appear before the judicial authority when he is called, and has returned the proceedings to the Court of Instruction Number 5 of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which runs a secret declared investigation, inform sources of the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC).


El juez deja en libertad provisional al activista tinerfeño Roberto Mesa

Mesa se enfrenta a un presunto delito de odio e injurias a las Instituciones y a la Policia

Un grupo de personas se manifiestan a las puertas del juzgado de La Laguna.
Un grupo de personas se manifiestan a las puertas del juzgado de La Laguna. / CADENA SER
Cadena SER  Santa Cruz de Tenerife

El magistrado titular del Juzgado Número 1 de La Laguna (Tenerife), César Romero Pamparacuatro, en funciones de guardia, ha decretado este viernes libertad provisional para Roberto Mesa, activista social tinerfeño al que se le acusa de un presunto delito de incitación al odio.

Tras tomarle declaración a lo largo de la mañana de este viernes, el juez le impone la única obligación de comparecer ante la autoridad judicial cuando sea llamado, y ha devuelto las diligencias al Juzgado de Instrucción Número 5 de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, que dirige una investigación declarada secreta, informan fuentes del Tribunal Superior de Justicia de Canarias (TSJC).

Casi un centenar de organizaciones sociales y políticas canarias, españolas y sudamericanas –entre las que se incluyen Podemos, Izquierda Unida o Sí se Puede–, han suscrito estos días un manifiesto de apoyo a Roberto Mesa, que ha sido leído este viernes en una concentración realizada a las puertas del Palacio de Justicia de La Laguna.

Los colectivos critican el “régimen dictatorial y represivo” del Estado y subrayan que la “injusta detención” del activista tinerfeño “atenta” contra el derecho a la libertad de expresión y es un “ejemplo” de la pérdida de derechos civiles desde que entró en vigor la llamada ‘ley mordaza’.

Los representantes de los colectivos han descrito que un total de 13 agentes de policía entraron en la casa de Roberto ayer jueves a las 07.30 horas “a golpes y a gritos”, impidieron vestirse a las mujeres que se encontraban en la vivienda y encerraron a otros hombres en habitaciones, llevándose detenido a Roberto y requisando su ordenador y teléfono móvil.

El activista tinerfeño, Roberto Mesa, no sólo se enfrenta a la imputación de un delito de injurias a la Corona sino también un delito de odio a las instituciones españolas y a los cuerpos de seguridad del Estado. Según ha podido saber la Cadena SER, el Cuerpo Nacional de Policía (CNP) venía investigando desde 2007 a Mesa debido a su actividad contestataria en las redes sociales. ……..

…El activista está compareciendo en el Juzgado Número 5 de La Laguna para prestar declaración tras ser detenido en la mañana del jueves, en un notable despliegue policial, cuando se encontraba en su domicilio. Simpatizantes de Mesa pertenecientes a diversos colectivos se han concentrado para manifestarse a las puertas de los juzgados laguneros, al igual que hicieron este jueves cuando Mesa se encontraba en las dependencias policiales de la Avenida Tres de Mayo.

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