‘Spain’ accuses 100,000 Catalans of Sedition.. Schools on Strike.. Universities Occupied

Massive Strikes of Catalan university and high school students to defend the 1-Oct  Referendum

see also latest 28/09 Catalans begin Occupying 2702 Polling Stations./ Google ordered to Delete Voting App

School students block main highways in Barcelona  27 /09/17

 Student unions caledl for a mobilization from the classrooms between Wednesday and Friday.

Students are expected to block roads, occupy buildings and are supported by the teachers, and left wing unions. the State prosecutors sent warnings that teachers and parents will be held responsible for any damage.

The Student Union also convened a general strike at High Schools on Wednesday 27, and urged students to join the demonstrations planned at noon.

Representants d'Universitats per la República, en roda de premsa (ACN)
Representatives of platform ‘Universities for a Republic’, at a press conference (ACN)

The unitary platform “Universities for the Republic” has called a two-day strike in Catalan universities – Thursday, 28, and Friday, 29 – to denounce what they consider “the judicial and police prosecution we suffer from the Spanish State and the hidden state of emergency that has been installed in Catalonia “.

The anarchist General Confederation of Workers (CGT) of Catalonia and various smaller unions have presented a notice of call for a general strike from wed Oct 3rd. see here https://thefreeonline.wordpress.com/…/catalan-referendum-c…/ ….

Catalan Police have been ordered by the Central Govt to seal off the over 2000 polling stations before Sunday and charge those responsible for allowing them, many of them school principles.

5000 of these will hardly be enough to stop the Catalan referendum

The local police have neither the capacity nor the will to break up the expected mass pickets, and National and paramilitary forces are being deployed.

The Student Platform spokesman, Jordi Vives, has demanded that next Sunday, he can vote.“That on October 1 the referendum can be held in full normality in order to start the path to the constituent process.”

Julian Assange spoke via internet outside the University Occupation in Barcelona

The students have confirmed that they will keep up the occupation of the historic building of the University of Barcelona to make it a meeting point for the people mobilized.The Lleida and Girona Universities are also permanently occupied Continue reading “‘Spain’ accuses 100,000 Catalans of Sedition.. Schools on Strike.. Universities Occupied”

Barcelona Dock Workers Sabotage Spanish Police Repression

latest news: The Spanish State has taken direct control of the local ‘Mossos’ Catalan Police to help stop the Referendum on Independence. The police unions have not yet responded but rumour has it that many will ‘take the day off’.

see also.. Catalonia: Anarchists call for general Strike / Defense Committees against State Repression  and latest..   ‘Spain’ accuses 100,000 Catalans of Sedition.. Schools on Strike.. Universities Occupied

Dockworkers boycott Spanish police ships sent against Catalan referendum

By Alejandro López in Spain    Dockworkers in Catalonia’s two main ports, Barcelona and Tarragona, are refusing supply services to vessels carrying riot police and paramilitary Civil Guard units sent by Spain’s Ministry of Interior to crush the secessionist referendum.

This comes amid a rapidly escalating political crisis in Spain caused by the central government repression of the independence referendum called by Catalan separatist forces for October 1.Image result for CNT furgonetas de policia entran en crucero Barcelona

Just over a week before the scheduled referendum, Spain’s Interior Ministry has activated one of the largest security operations since the end of the fascist regime of General Francisco Franco in 1978. It is employing three tourist cruise ships to house more than 4,000 police sent to Catalonia. Two of the boats are anchored in Barcelona and the third in Tarragona. Continue reading “Barcelona Dock Workers Sabotage Spanish Police Repression”

Flood of Escalating Repression boosts Catalan Referendum Resistance

The fight between the majority of Catalans and the Spanish State is escalating by the hour. Support for holding an Independence Referendum on 1st Oct is growing in reaction to a flood of repression.

The far-right PP government, direct successor to the fascist Franco regime  has ordered thousands of militarized Guardia Civil into Catalonia where they are trying to try prevent the Referendum.

Some Key Events

anti-G20 supporter ‘Linksunten Indymedia’ raided, closed by German State Repression

 traducción google abajo en castellano

German Government Bans #Linksunten  #Indymedia

The German government banned the linksunten.indymedia.org  website today. According to German mainstream media the decision was given to 3 alleged “operators” of the indymedia platform.


este logo es ahora ilegal.. .All Linksunten Indymedia logos are now also banned in Germany.


refresh HERE for latest updates

Innenministerium verbietet linksextremistische Internetplattform

Screenshots: Report that the German federal interior ministery banned linksunten.  Submitted to Enough is Enough……photo NOT FOUND

German Government Bans Linksunten Indymedia

The German government banned the linksunten.indymedia.org website today. According to German mainstream media the decision was given to 3 alleged “operators” of the indymedia platform. German federal ministry tweeted announcing the ban of Linksunten Indymedia:

Cops raided buildings, confiscated computers but until now the cops did not made arrests. Thomas Strobl (CDU), state interior minister of Baden-Württemberg told reporters that raids in “multiple objects” are ongoing. Federal interior minister Thomas De Mazière said that Linksunten is acting against the “constitutional order”.

The federal interior ministery motivated the ban saying that the purpose and activity of the Linksunten Indymedia website: “adverse criminal laws.” All Linksunten Indymedia logos are now also banned in Germany. Continue reading “anti-G20 supporter ‘Linksunten Indymedia’ raided, closed by German State Repression”

Solidarity with the Rebellion in the RIF by the CNT

CNT in solidarity with the protests in the RIF

Source – National Confederation of Labor

For months, there have been protests in Alhucemas and other Rif cities in northern Morocco against the unjust treatment that the Moroccan state has given the population for decades. The corruption of the Moroccan state, the lack of public infrastructures in the region, the attack on the Rif  culture and language , the precarious conditions of life and the absence of freedom and autonomy to express themselves as a people.

Protests have increased as a result of the arrest of dozens of activists of the Popular Movement of Alhucemas, which raises the social and political demands of the Rif people through the peaceful mobilizations that are developing, and where women are increasingly prominent. Continue reading “Solidarity with the Rebellion in the RIF by the CNT”

The prosecution requested five years in prison for a campaign of boycott El Corte Ingles

translated mostly from post below by Jesus Rodriquez, with thanks.

 The prosecution requested five years prison each for a boycott campaign of  the dept. store chain El Corte Inglés, which are upmarket stores histrorically controlled by far right anti-union commercial interests.

The three militants of the CNT Barcelona are accused of crimes of obstruction of justice and coercion in a boycott campaign started in the fall of 2015, which was in solidarity against the trial of two anarchists for picketing incidents at one of the stores back in the general strike of 29 March 2012.

The boycott was a success and the original 3 picketers were cleared, but then 24 people were accused of the Boycott, now reduced to only three, but demanding long sentences.   Continue reading “The prosecution requested five years in prison for a campaign of boycott El Corte Ingles”

Belarus: Anarchists Take May Day Action… How to help our Prisoners

HOW CAN YOU HELP THE ARRESTED AFTER THE ANTI-PARASITE MARCHES IN BELARUS… (FRIDAY MARCH 17TH, 2017 )     Belarus experiences mass protests and a huge wave of repression again. Several dozens anarchists were arrested for a few weeks for participating in the protests against the ‘tax on unemployment’. Six people staged a  hunger strike. Although these prisoners may now be all free there are other comrades jailed who need your help…Continue reading ..How can you help     see also.. Dozens of anarchists arrested in Belarus after anti-government protests   [Leer en Español SPANISH]

May 1st Action News


On May 1st, on the day of remembrance of workers who died in the struggle for their rights, anarchists in various cities of Belarus conducted actions of agitation calling on the people of Belarus to strike and resist.

In Minsk, a 20 meter banner was hung from the roof of the houses along Pushkin Avenue: “Tired Of Being Hungry? The Solution Is To Strike!” Continue reading “Belarus: Anarchists Take May Day Action… How to help our Prisoners”

‘SIDE BY SIDE, Facing Repression Together’ – New Campaign Launched

SIDE BY SIDE://colzeacolzeblog.wordpress.com

SIDE BY SIDE we confront Repression

Various anarchist groups have together launched the SIDE BY SIDE campaign . Let’s jointly face the repression and show solidarity with the people indicted more than two years ago in the so-called Operation Piñata, and other similar operations that, with the excuse of anti-terrorism, have attacked the anarchist movement.

SIDE BY SIDE, facing together the repression that seeks to dissuade us, immobilize us, discourage us. Together, not isolated. With the strength that we try to understand our differences and learn to find ourselves in complicities.
SIDE BY SIDE, that’s what we call this campaign, this cry of resistance, this new challenge to power. Another attempt to break the silence, to make visible the social conflict increasingly evident as a result of the sharpening of the structural crisis of the capitalist system.

Continue reading “‘SIDE BY SIDE, Facing Repression Together’ – New Campaign Launched”

Read: Denying reality: a dangerous delusion.. from Paul Cudenec’s ‘Nature, Essence and Anarchy’.

How making language taboo can kill a movement

Denying reality: a dangerous delusion

Paul Cudenec  (This is the second essay in my latest book, Nature, Essence and Anarchy, published by Winter Oak Press)You can tell a lot about the metaphysical health of a society from the philosophical questions it asks itself.

In the case of our own culture, one of the best-known such questions is: “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” The answer is quite obviously “yes” and the question is ridiculous on more than one level. For one thing, it is blindly anthropocentric, assuming that the presence of a human being somehow makes a unique difference to the reality of sound.

But even if the “no one” in the question includes the whole range of non-human living creatures that might have heard the hypothetical tree, the whole thing is still inherently absurd. The tree cannot fall silently. It will make a noise as it hits the ground, regardless of whether or not this is witnessed.

This so-called “philosophical puzzle” reflects a deep underlying problem with contemporary thinking, in that it potentially denies the existence of objective reality, suggesting that the crashing sound made by the tree may only become real if it is subjectively experienced by some “one”. Continue reading “Read: Denying reality: a dangerous delusion.. from Paul Cudenec’s ‘Nature, Essence and Anarchy’.”

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