Basque Country: 8 youths Jailed up to 13 yrs for Bar Brawl with off duty Spanish Paramilitaries

Condemnation of 2 to 13 years in prison for young people from Altsasu for injuries, public disorder and threats.

partly from a report by  @AhotsaInfo

Oihan Arnanaz and Iñaki Abad have been sentenced to 13 years, Jokin Unamuno and Adur Ramírez de Alda got 12 years, Jon Ander Cob, Julen Goikoetxea and Aratz Urrizola received 9 years, and Ainara Urkijo two years in prison.

ALTSASU  Marc Malagelada‏ @mmalagelada 17h17 hours ago   Once again, GuardiaCivil faked the facts … This is Spanish shameful justice. Free rapists, free fascists, but jailed rappers, and jailed innocents.

The families of the Altsasu victims held a press conference to denounce the Spanish injustice and call for mobilisations.

The Spanish National Court has condemned the 8 youngsters of Altsasu arrested after a bar brawl with two police and their partners, though they finally had to drop the ridiculous  “terrorism” accusation. The Court is seen to be a tool of the far right and condemned by Amnesty International after a series of blatantly repressive false judgements. Continue reading “Basque Country: 8 youths Jailed up to 13 yrs for Bar Brawl with off duty Spanish Paramilitaries”

‘Spain’ accuses 100,000 Catalans of Sedition.. Schools on Strike.. Universities Occupied

Massive Strikes of Catalan university and high school students to defend the 1-Oct  Referendum

see also latest 28/09 Catalans begin Occupying 2702 Polling Stations./ Google ordered to Delete Voting App

School students block main highways in Barcelona  27 /09/17

 Student unions caledl for a mobilization from the classrooms between Wednesday and Friday.

Students are expected to block roads, occupy buildings and are supported by the teachers, and left wing unions. the State prosecutors sent warnings that teachers and parents will be held responsible for any damage.

The Student Union also convened a general strike at High Schools on Wednesday 27, and urged students to join the demonstrations planned at noon.

Representants d'Universitats per la República, en roda de premsa (ACN)
Representatives of platform ‘Universities for a Republic’, at a press conference (ACN)

The unitary platform “Universities for the Republic” has called a two-day strike in Catalan universities – Thursday, 28, and Friday, 29 – to denounce what they consider “the judicial and police prosecution we suffer from the Spanish State and the hidden state of emergency that has been installed in Catalonia “.

The anarchist General Confederation of Workers (CGT) of Catalonia and various smaller unions have presented a notice of call for a general strike from wed Oct 3rd. see here…/catalan-referendum-c…/ ….

Catalan Police have been ordered by the Central Govt to seal off the over 2000 polling stations before Sunday and charge those responsible for allowing them, many of them school principles.

5000 of these will hardly be enough to stop the Catalan referendum

The local police have neither the capacity nor the will to break up the expected mass pickets, and National and paramilitary forces are being deployed.

The Student Platform spokesman, Jordi Vives, has demanded that next Sunday, he can vote.“That on October 1 the referendum can be held in full normality in order to start the path to the constituent process.”

Julian Assange spoke via internet outside the University Occupation in Barcelona

The students have confirmed that they will keep up the occupation of the historic building of the University of Barcelona to make it a meeting point for the people mobilized.The Lleida and Girona Universities are also permanently occupied Continue reading “‘Spain’ accuses 100,000 Catalans of Sedition.. Schools on Strike.. Universities Occupied”

9-N. Will Spanish forces attack Catalan ‘referendum’?

Its the moment of truth for the 9N Catalan ‘referendum’, now called the ‘consultation’.
The far-right Spanish government are playing the ”fascist card”, whipping up a dangerous frenzy of false nationalism to escape the avalanche of corruption cases being revealed daily against their top members.
The right-wing ”Spanish Constitutional Court” is about to ban it for the 2nd time (on orders from their political paymasters).    
Will  the Catalan government obey and order their own Catalan police, the Mossos, to attack the 40,000 volunteers who are all organized down to the the last detail and ready to go next Sunday?
If not will the corrupt and inept far Spanish PP government carry out its threat to arrest and jail the Catalan leaders, as happened so many times under the fascist dictatorship? Their direct predecessors even executed one legally elected Catalan president, LluisCompanys, along with tens of thousands of Catalan republicans, and banned the Catalan language from schools for 40 years, etc.

Continue reading “9-N. Will Spanish forces attack Catalan ‘referendum’?”

“Andalusia On Foot” workers long March escorted by Military Police

The SAT agricultural free union resumed the long March ,walking “Andalusia On Foot”.

Previous surprises included a mass supermarket robbery, with the proceeds distributed to free food kitchens , set up against hunger as a big part of the millions of unemployed now receive ZERO state subsidy.

Proposals to extend an emergency 400 euro a month to workers whose social security have run out will be cut further and heavily restricted, with multiple bureaucratic hoops to qualify. Continue reading ““Andalusia On Foot” workers long March escorted by Military Police”

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