“Andalusia On Foot” workers long March escorted by Military Police

The SAT agricultural free union resumed the long March ,walking “Andalusia On Foot”.

Previous surprises included a mass supermarket robbery, with the proceeds distributed to free food kitchens , set up against hunger as a big part of the millions of unemployed now receive ZERO state subsidy.

Proposals to extend an emergency 400 euro a month to workers whose social security have run out will be cut further and heavily restricted, with multiple bureaucratic hoops to qualify.

The Andalusian Workers Union has started from the town of Casabermeja a new phase of ‘working up’ with broad participation, which is expected “surprise actions” and again marked by the presence of a large Civil Guard detachment, as if they were terrorists.

Another surprise was the occupation of a Royal Palace Hotel where the marchers spent a night last week.

SAT General Secretary reported that the march, which has departed from the plaza fountain below Casabermeja, started about 0945 hours with about five hundred people.

In this regard, the ex ‘United Party’ leader Antonio Romero, who is marching, explained that is proceeding “well”. He also stated that upon his arrival in the capital, on Tuesday, will feature “thousands of people welcoming us” from different municipalities of the province.

La Marcha obrera “Andalucía en pie” del SAT ya recorre las carreteras malagueñas

por Kaos. Andalucía

El Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores ha iniciado desde el municipio de Casabermeja una nueva etapa de la ‘marcha obrera’ con una amplia participación, en la que se espera “acciones sorpresa” y marcada de nuevo por la presencia de un amplio dispositivo de la Guardia Civil, como si fuesen terroristas.


El secretario general del SAT ha informado que la marcha, que ha partido desde la plaza Fuente de Abajo de Casabermeja, ha comenzado sobre las 09.45 horas con cerca de medio millar de personas.

Al respecto, el exparlamentario de IU Antonio Romero, que está presente en la reivindicación, ha explicado que está transcurriendo “bien”. Además, ha asegurado que a su llegada a la capital, este martes, contará con “miles de personas recibiéndonos” provenientes de diversos municipios de la provincia.

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