Andalusia: Feminists leads the Left in mass Antifascist Demos Tuesday

The left takes the streets against the change of government in Andalusia

Feminist collectives, LGTBI, Podemos, IU and the SAT are  promoting mobilizations in Andalusia before the investiture of a rightwing coalition including the new fascist party Vox, on Tuesday 15th and 16 Jan..

16 de enero: Llamamiento a rodear el Parlamento de Andalucía el día de la investidura

 The news of the despicable Vox in power generated rage on social networks and sparked calls for multiple demonstrations and rallies on the investiture dates, on January 15 and 16 .

Podemos and Izquierda Unida  parties yesterday joined the feminist calls to demonstrate and encouraged their respective militants and supporters to attend the events planned next Tuesday: a concentration at 12.00 in the Andalusian Parliament (Seville) and provincial concentrations at 7:00 p.m. in different points of the Andalusian cities.

Camp and antifascist concentration that took place in Granada after the Andalusian elections. MIGUEL RODRÍGUEZ

The mobilization is driven by a large group of feminist organizations that on Wednesday presented a manifesto for what they consider an “attack” by the party led by Santiago Abascal, with its claim to repeal the Law of Gender Violence.

Support demonstrations and actions have also been called in towns and cities across Iberia.

Map made by Irene Martínez for El Salto

Under the slogans ‘Not a step back in equality’ or ‘Our rights are not negotiated’, posters in purple and blue tones have been distributed quickly through social networks to gather as many people as possible on January 15.

Leaders like Antonio Maíllo, from IU (communist), or Teresa Rodríguez, from Podemos( Left) and candidate from the confluence of both formations, Adelante Andalucía, yesterday supported these initiatives and urged citizens to support  feminist mobilizations.

The LGTBI movement also joins the feminist demonstrations in rejection of the reaction and regression in the conquered rights that they believe the pact between PP and Cs with Vox will bring.

But in addition the Andalusian Union of Workers (SAT) called yesterday a protest called ‘Surround the Parliament’ for the day of the celebration of the full investiture in which the candidate will foreseeably be voted on next January 16 .

In principle, the union has requested authorization for the possible days – the date is still unknown – and aims to surround the Parliament with a human chain, the SAT said in a statement.

This protest will take place from 18:00 hours on the day of the investiture under the slogan ‘Andalusia is not for sale’, with the intention of preventing the change of government with its aim to launch “new attacks” against social rights and democratic institutions and public services, with privatizations and cuts in social policies.

The union indicated that the new government will also mean “a threat to women’s rights and policies of equality and a promotion of sexist violence” and invited other anti-fascist and feminist groups to protest, since theirs will be a “complementary” mobilization » to all the other demos on that day.


Both García and Navascués agree that one of the keys to the rise of the far right is as “very clear reaction to the 8M Womens General Strike.”.

A famous quote by Simone de Beauvoir has gone viral in recent days. A phrase from the forerunner of feminism that says: “Do not ever forget that a political, economic or religious crisis will suffice for the rights of women to be questioned again.

These rights are never taken for granted. You must remain vigilant throughout your life. ” In this line Dolores García deepens by stating that “any gap that is opened globally, in the political or economic space, will cause a reinforcement of patriarchy” to explain the current situation.

“Patriarchy becomes very angry when feminism takes center stage, not only here, but in Latin America, all over the world,” something that connects García with the economic system because “the neoliberal model needs women to do care of life work, to corner ourselves around the family, bringing up kids”.

Police violence at an anti fascist counter demo against a meeting of the new VOX party in Girona, Catalonia.

The new Family Counseling or the anti-abortion plan in the PP-Vox agreement are other measures denounced by the Andalusian feminist movement.


With the same sense of “aggression” to their rights, the Andalusian LGTBI community has joined the mobilizations in the provinces and in the capital. Rafael Gil, president of the association Delta LGBTIQ of the Sierra de Cádiz, calls LGTBI people to second the mobilization.

“They have negotiated with our rights, they have been currency on the table, it seems a shame,” he complains. Gil is firm in the need that “every time the ultra right in our autonomous community touches us, even if only in words, they must have us confronting them, on the street.”

In addition, the historic Grenadian transsexual activist Kim Pérez has announced a hunger strike in protest. “We will not stop being visible in front of this danger to our rights, which we thought was already extinguished, in my case, through a hunger strike, which will represent the anguish that will be renewed now, as long as the new leaders do not declare the will to respect us”.


Beyond the 15th, the Andalusian feminist movement is thinking of ways to counteract the messages of the extreme right. In the opinion of Dolores García, one of the keys is “to work much more in the neighborhoods, because sometimes we do not reach those towns where women or the poor are most vulnerable.

We have to get to those spaces to counteract the discourses of fear that lock up women in the house. ” On the other hand, Alicia Navascués thinks that it is not enough to protect the conquered laws but to denounce “very dangerous speeches of the Citizens Party that seek the commodification of the woman’s body, such as the legalization of ‘rent bellies’ or of prostitution”.

However, both are optimistic. “In the face of such an attack, there is going to be a strengthening, uniting different feelings of feminism,” says Garcia. “From now on we’re going to have a unified, strong feminist movement. We’re going to confront them, and the legislative change for the worse is not going to happen..”.

translation by The Free. Info from.. Por Irene Martínez @ireirenuka / Alfonso Torres @alfonsogtorres at Kaos and  El Salto..elsaltodiario

Union Occupiers take huge Somonte Estate for 3rd Time

land and Liberty
by   Darío Unai, Somonte (Córdoba)
The Andalusian Workers Union /SAT) has occupied the  huge Somonte Estate for the third time dsc_0579
Somonte is a farm of 400 hectares located south of Córdoba in where summer temperatures reach 50C. It houses a handful of labourers, a pen of chickens and several million “wingback” mosquitoes  infesting the few areas of shade.

Among the dry fields that extend beyond the horizon, the only landmark is the tower of the ultraq modern Abengoa photovoltaic plant  projecting in all directions the sunlight of hundreds of reflective  panels concentrated on its tip.

The anarchist unions in Andalusia campaign together with the communist SAT

It is not the most advisable place  to rest up after a hunger strike of 37 days mixed with more than 70 demonstrations for thr  freedom of ANDRÉS BÓDALO and the electoral campaign that led to Diego Cañamero’s election to Congress. Continue reading “Union Occupiers take huge Somonte Estate for 3rd Time”

Hunger Strike of 15 trade unionists against jailing of Andres 

Scandalous arrest of Andres Bodalo
Scandalous arrest of Andres Bodalo
The hunger strike in Madrid of 15 members of the Andalusian Union of Workers (SAT) for the release of trade unionist and former councillor of Jaen, , passed its sixth day Saturday.
It was accompanied by trade unionists from around the state to support the campaign of SAT and “raise the social amnesty and the cessation of social and trade union repression,” as they reflected to a press conference convened for 11 am in the Plaza de Lavapies, located in this central neighborhood of Madrid.
The call wasattended representatives of the field of alternative unionism like CGT, CNT, Solidaridad Obrera, the Catalan inter-union (IAC), Aragon and Valencia, or the Confederation of Traballadores (CUT) Galician.
The historic leader of the Andalusian Union of Workers (SAT) Diego Cañamero and 15 companions of the organization have camped in the Puerta del Sol to start a hunger strike in order to get a pardon of Andrés Bódalo, municipal councilor Jaen, and member of SAT, who was sentenced to prison.
The historic leader of the Andalusian Union of Workers (SAT) Diego Cañamero and 15 companions of the organization have camped in the Puerta del Sol to start a hunger strike in order to get a pardon of Andrés Bódalo, municipal councilor Jaen, and member of SAT, who was sentenced to prison.
“These are organizations we have been working with for a long time and with whom we have unity of action,” explained Nestor Diagonal Salvador, one of the 15 strikers……….”

La huelga de hambre en Madrid de 15 miembros del Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores (SAT) por la excarcelación del sindicalista y exconcejal de Jaén, Andrés Bódalo, cumplirá el sábado su sexto día. Continue reading “Hunger Strike of 15 trade unionists against jailing of Andres “

Andrés Bódalo: “If they jail me, the SAT union will resist”


The Provincial Court has ordered the entry into prison for Andrés Bódalo, for assault against authority. The union claims that the SAT agricultural union will not surrender.

by  Carmela Negrete      Andrés Bódalo, a member of the Andalusian Union of Workers and a councillor for the Podemos (We can do it) party, during a demonstration against the Gag Law.

Strategies to crush strikes
A Court hearing condemns to 3 years in prison Andrés Bódalo of the  SAT
Andrés Bódalo is Jaén city councilor since June 2015. In the Andalusian Union of Workers (SAT) is responsible for social movements, which is linked to the Marches of Dignity and all social mobilizations. It was also in the Podemos in the Congress of Deputies by Jaen. The Provincial Court of Jaen has ordered his imprisonment for allegedly assaulting a policeman. Continue reading “Andrés Bódalo: “If they jail me, the SAT union will resist””

Anonymous support Spanish Millions March 22nd

Anonymous Press supports the Marches for Dignity,  called for the 22 March         by Kaos .

At least 7 mass marches from around Spain will start 10 days earlier and converge on Madrid on 22 March. The idea began from the radical SAT agricultural union in Andalusia.

Anonymous is Friendly?

Anonymous has published a video showing his support for the initiative and calls on people to mobilize to “end the government in power at the service of big capital , which are destroying all our rights …22M

   Anonynous communique ( In Spanish)

Large state media are deliberately ignoring the dignity marches set for next March 22 , which seek to destroy the governments of the troika with protests from dozens of points of the Spanish geography to Madrid to gather millions of people in the capital to say “enough .”

The initiative , which started as an idea of the Andalusian Workers Union , has already gathered hundreds of political, trade union and social organizations around the country who come together to make 22M a historic day for the people of this country.1526129_755979091096354_680837289_nOn this occasion, it was Anonymous that released a video showing  support for the initiative and calling on people to mobilize to “end the government in power at the service of big capital , which are killing all our rights. We are millions and we are not willing to let them annihilate us . ”

English: A member of Anonymous at the Occupy W...
English: A member of Anonymous at the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Comunicado de Anonymous en apoyo de las marchas por la dignidad del 22M Destacado

por Kaos. Indignación Globalizadate reducir tamaño fuente aumentar tamaño fuente

Anonymous ha hecho público un vídeo en el que muestra su apoyo a la iniciativa, y pide a la gente que se movilice para “acabar con los gobiernos de turno, al servicio del gran capital, que están acabando con todos nuestros derechos…

Los grandes medios de comunicación estatales están obviando premeditadamente las marchas por la dignidad del próximo 22 de Marzo, que pretenden acabar con los gobiernos de la troika con movilizaciones desde decenas de puntos de la geografía española hasta Madrid para congregar a millones de personas en la capital que digan “basta ya”.1538894_219219718267039_548410136_n

La iniciativa, que partió como idea del Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores, ha congregado ya a cientos de organizaciones políticas, sindicales y sociales de todo el país que aúnan esfuerzos para hacer del 22M una fecha histórica para los pueblos de este país.

Anonymous shares the love with each other
Anonymous shares love with each other (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

En esta ocasión, ha sido Anonymous la organización que ha hecho público un vídeo en

el que muestra su apoyo a la iniciativa, y pide a la gente que se movilice para “acabar con los gobiernos de turno, al servicio del gran capital, que están acabando con todos nuestros derechos. Somos millones y no estamos dispuestos a que nos aniquilen”. 2

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Andalusia Mayday: 500 workers Reoccupy the Army’s 1,200 ha. Estate

The SAT re-Occupy the estate of the Turquillaslas turquillas ocupada

Some 500 trade unionists called out by the SAT agriculture Trade Union and the ‘Critical Block’ have occupied this morning the farm “The Turquillas”, owned by the Ministry of Defence. These lands could provide many jobs and alleviate social emergency that exists in the area …

The estate of 1,200 ha. is dedicated to horse breeding and  houses the Military Stud occupying only 20 ha. in a region with over 40% unemployment. These lands could provide many jobs and alleviate the social emergency that exists in the area. It is for this reason that the occupation of The Turquillas has become a historical demand since it has been occupied on numerous occasions.

However, it was last year when the occupation went from symbolic  to semi permanent lasting 18 days and the occupiers were preparing the land for tillage. After that eviction, the SAT announced tey would occupy the farm again with ‘ active nonviolence’. And today it happened.


Furthermore, in Seville city thousands of workers joined the demo of ‘critical block’ platform under the slogan “The fight is in the street”, which the SAT supports. The rally started from the Ministry of Social Welfare, where a new streets camp of nthe ‘Occupy’ 15M movem,ent was set up, and  ended at the  CSOA , Occupied Anarchist Social Center, “La Solea”.

In Lebrija a hundred trade unionists have turned up walking about 10 km. to the farm “Valdeojo”.

In Jaen 400 unionists have occupied the farm “La Rueda” but the part of the march was prevented by the police from entering.  In assembly has decided to leave the farm and come back tomorrow to occupy it again.

In Granada, between 1500 and 2000 people have attended the deminstration of Critical Block, which, besides the presence of the SAT, had the support of CGT, COBAS, USTEA, Stop Evictions Coordinator against the repression of Granada, and other city groups .

Fotos of the march to Turquillas

let the Assembly decide
let the Assembly decide

El SAT vuelve a ocupar la finca de Las Turquillas

Unos 500 sindicalistas convocados por el SAT y el ‘Bloque Crítico’ han ocupado esta mañana la Finca “Las Turquillas”, propiedad del Ministerio de Defensa. Esas tierras podrían dar muchos puestos de trabajo y aliviar la situación de emergencia social que se vive en la zona…

Unos 500 sindicalistas convocados por el SAT y el ‘Bloque Crítico’ han ocupado esta mañana la Finca “Las Turquillas”, propiedad del Ministerio de Defensa. La finca de 1.200 ha. está dedicada a la cría caballar y allí se aloja la Yeguada Militar que ocupa sólo 20 ha. en una comarca con más del 40% de desempleo. Esas tierras podrían dar muchos puestos de trabajo y aliviar la situación de emergencia social que se vive en la zona. Es por ello por lo que la ocupación de Las Turquillas se ha convertido en una demanda histórica puesto que ya se ha ocupado en numerosas ocasiones. Sin embargo, fue el año pasado cuando la ocupación pasó de simbólica a permanente y durante 18 días los sindicalistas estuvieron preparando los terrenos para labrar la tierra. Tras su desalojo, el SAT anunció que volvería a ocupar la finca desde la no violencia activa. Y hoy ha ocurrido.

tur1Además, en Sevilla capital miles de trabajadores y trabajadoras han acudido a la convocatoria del ‘bloque crítico’ y de la plataforma “La lucha está en la calle”, en las que participa el SAT. La manifestación partió de la Consejería de Bienestar Social donde se desarrollaba una acampada del 15M y concluía en el CSOA “La Soleá”.

En Lebrija un centenar de de sindicalistas se han dirigido en marcha recorriendo unos 10 km. hacia la finca “Valdeojo”.

En Jaén unos 400 sindicalistas han ocupado la finca “La Rueda” pero el dispositivo policial impidió que parte de la marcha pudiera entrar. En asamblea se ha decidido salir de la finca y volver mañana a ocuparla.

En Granada, entre 1500 y 2000 personas han secundando la manifestación del Bloque Crítico, que, además de con la presencia del SAT, contaba con el apoyo de CGT, COBAS, USTEA, Stop Desahucios, Coordinadora contra la represión de Granada, y otros colectivos de la ciudad.

Fotos de la Marcha a las Turquillas

Barcelona: proletarian shopping spree

A group of ‘outraged’ expropriates food at a supermarket in Barcelona to distribute to needy
They fill a basket with food staples to give to the needy, as explained.

A group of about twenty ‘outraged’ has assaulted this morning a Mercadona supermarket in Cubelles (Barcelona) to take food and basic necessities, they said, pass out to people in need in the population.
As reported by one of the responsible for the supermarket, about twenty people have gone about 10.45 am to the hypermarket, next to the thermal Cubelles, a town south of Barcelona, and have filled a cart for various products.

Continue reading “Barcelona: proletarian shopping spree”

“Andalusia On Foot” workers long March escorted by Military Police

The SAT agricultural free union resumed the long March ,walking “Andalusia On Foot”.

Previous surprises included a mass supermarket robbery, with the proceeds distributed to free food kitchens , set up against hunger as a big part of the millions of unemployed now receive ZERO state subsidy.

Proposals to extend an emergency 400 euro a month to workers whose social security have run out will be cut further and heavily restricted, with multiple bureaucratic hoops to qualify. Continue reading ““Andalusia On Foot” workers long March escorted by Military Police”

Spain’s supermarket expropriations spread

Carrefour expropriation

Supermarket expropriations have extended to other parts of Spain, following the example of ‘Robin Hood’ mayor José Manuel Sánchez Gordillo in Andalusia.  A store of the global  supermarket chain Carrefour in the town of Merida in the western region of Extremadura was hit Friday by 50 members of the Platform for Basic Income in Extremadura. The regional leader of the radical United Left coalition Pedro Escobar backed what he described as a ‘symbolic’ action  that would ‘draw attention to, and provoke reflection about the extreme situation that many families are in. ‘ Escobar observed that some families were in such dire straits that they were actually going hungry. El Publico

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