Basque Country: 8 youths Jailed up to 13 yrs for Bar Brawl with off duty Spanish Paramilitaries

Condemnation of 2 to 13 years in prison for young people from Altsasu for injuries, public disorder and threats.

partly from a report by  @AhotsaInfo

Oihan Arnanaz and Iñaki Abad have been sentenced to 13 years, Jokin Unamuno and Adur Ramírez de Alda got 12 years, Jon Ander Cob, Julen Goikoetxea and Aratz Urrizola received 9 years, and Ainara Urkijo two years in prison.

ALTSASU  Marc Malagelada‏ @mmalagelada 17h17 hours ago   Once again, GuardiaCivil faked the facts … This is Spanish shameful justice. Free rapists, free fascists, but jailed rappers, and jailed innocents.

The families of the Altsasu victims held a press conference to denounce the Spanish injustice and call for mobilisations.

The Spanish National Court has condemned the 8 youngsters of Altsasu arrested after a bar brawl with two police and their partners, though they finally had to drop the ridiculous  “terrorism” accusation. The Court is seen to be a tool of the far right and condemned by Amnesty International after a series of blatantly repressive false judgements.

Three of the young people arrested after a bar brawl with the two drunken Spanish paramilitary Guardia Civil police, spent a year and a half already in preventive detention and now face 12 years more . They were accused of Terrorism and the police and state sponsored Victims of Terrorism (COVITE) demanded up to 62 yrs jail.

Photos of the accused filled the Spanish media, while the notorious ‘manada’ rapists (above) had their identities protected.

The only proof of terrorism was the accusation of attending a rally by Ospa Eguna, a movement demanding the withdrawal of occupation forces from Euskadi. This could not be proven and Ospa Eguna was only set up AFTER the Basque guerillas ETA had unilaterally disbanded.

The Altsasu sentences are appallingly unjust. I will continue informing people here in the UK of the rotten Spanish Justice system and continue campaigning for their release, along with the Catalan political prisoners.

The incident took place at five o’clock in the morning, during the local Altsasu festival.

The case has divided Spain with the rabid far right media glorying in slandering and vilifying the accused and publishing their photos.

One of the off duty military cops, a Lieutenant suffered multiple blows and kicks and fell to the ground with an ankle injury. Yet, in one of many irregularities, a mobile video made by Iñaki Abad who has already spent 560 days in jail shows him running about after the incident. 

He is seen wearing a spotless white T shirt despite witnesses swearing he was covered with boot marks. His girlfriend declared they feared for their lives.

Three of these young people were held in prison in a first-degree regime under the especially repressive FIES isolation and torture regulations.

Witness testimonies have been denied, recorded videos and audition tests of radio interviews , in which the complainant right wing police offer contradictory details, have not been admitted as evidence.

The declaration of many of the witnesses proposed by the defenses were not admitted, and yet all the witnesses of the accusations have been admitted.

@Altsasuparents   Truly disgusting. The Spanish judicial system is completely rotten. #spain #Espana

The penalties range between 2 and 13 years in prison for crimes of attack against agents of the authority, injuries, public disorders and threats, according to Spanish media

The Court dropped the accusations of “terrorist offenses”, considering that “the terrorist purpose” of the action has not been proven, nor the linking of the accused to “terrorist organization.”

The Court has applied the aggravations of “abuse of superiority and hatred” and because “they were committed for ideological reasons and of animosity to the Civil Guard.”

Oihan Arnanaz and Iñaki Abad have been sentenced to 13 years, Jokin Unamuno and Adur Ramírez de Alda at 12 years, Jon Ander Cob, Julen Goikoetxea and Aratz Urrizola at 9 years, and Ainara Urkijo two years in prison.

From toward the end of dictator Francisco Franco’s time in power until a decade after the transition to democracy, the Basque Country had its own “dirty war” when shadowy paramilitary and far-right groups, acting with the blessing or tolerance of the government in Madrid, killed dozens of people suspected of links with ETA — 73, according to one Basque government report. Other research has compiled 4,000 credible accounts of torture in police custody from 1960 to 2013, most of which went unpunished, resulting in repeated condemnations of Spain from advocacy groups and the European Court of Human Rights.

Etxerat, the group of relatives of ETA prisoners, aims to end the dispersion of prisoners in jails across Spain | Gorka Estrada/EPA

Redacció Ahotsa | @AhotsaInfo
Fotografia Ekinklik | @Ekinklik

Condemnes d’entre 2 i 13 anys de presó pels joves d’Altsasu per lesions, desordres públics i amenaces

L’Audiència Nacional espanyola ha condemnat els 8 joves d’Altsasu jutjats per una batussa amb dos guàrdies civils i les seves parelles, però no per “terrorisme”. Les penes oscil·len entre els 2 i 13 anys de presó per delictes d’atemptat contra agents de l’autoritat, lesions, desordres públics i amenaces, segons mitjans espanyols

La Sala rebutja les acusacions de “delictes terroristes” en considerar que “no ha quedat acreditada la finalitat terrorista” de l’acció i tampoc la vinculació dels acusats a “organització terrorista”. La Sala ha aplicat els agreujants d’”abús de superioritat i d’odi” i perquè “es van cometre per motius ideològics i d’animadversió a la Guàrdia Civil”.

Oihan Arnanaz i Iñaki Abad han estat condemnats a 13 anys, Jokin Unamuno i Adur Ramírez de Alda a 12 anys, Jon Ander Cob, Julen Goikoetxea i Aratz Urrizola a 9 anys i Ainara Urkijo a dos anys de presó.

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