‘Live Wolf Protected Wolf’ yell 10,000 in Madrid ‘Lobo vivo, lobo protegido

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save the wolf

There are over a million licensed hunters in Spain.. and most of them would love to shoot a wolf. But last week over 10,000 people marched in Madrid demanding more protection for wolves, the biggest ever demo in favour of one species and the environment..

Existing law gives minimal protection and compensation for losses of livestock.

In the last decades millions have abandoned rural life in Spain,  forest and wildlife have recovered and the wolf has increased its territory somewhat, despite continual repression.

The wolf is a ‘top predator’ and a key factor in the ecological chain built up over millions of years. Studies in the US show that reintroducing wolves completely transformed the habitats. eg. they controlled the plague of deer which had destroyed tree shoots, leading to forest regeneration, leading to stabilising watersheds leading to beaver dams, leading to fish revival leading to….etc..  (see video)

How Wolves Change Rivers:  For more from George Monbiot, visit http://www.monbiot.com/ and for more on “rewilding” visit http://bit.ly/1hKGemK and/or check out George Monbiot’s book Feral: rewilding the land, the sea and human life: http://amzn.to/1fjgirx Watch the full TED talk, here: http://bit.ly/N3m62h Continue reading “‘Live Wolf Protected Wolf’ yell 10,000 in Madrid ‘Lobo vivo, lobo protegido”

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