‘Live Wolf Protected Wolf’ yell 10,000 in Madrid ‘Lobo vivo, lobo protegido

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save the wolf

There are over a million licensed hunters in Spain.. and most of them would love to shoot a wolf. But last week over 10,000 people marched in Madrid demanding more protection for wolves, the biggest ever demo in favour of one species and the environment..

Existing law gives minimal protection and compensation for losses of livestock.

In the last decades millions have abandoned rural life in Spain,  forest and wildlife have recovered and the wolf has increased its territory somewhat, despite continual repression.

The wolf is a ‘top predator’ and a key factor in the ecological chain built up over millions of years. Studies in the US show that reintroducing wolves completely transformed the habitats. eg. they controlled the plague of deer which had destroyed tree shoots, leading to forest regeneration, leading to stabilising watersheds leading to beaver dams, leading to fish revival leading to….etc..  (see video)

How Wolves Change Rivers:  For more from George Monbiot, visit http://www.monbiot.com/ and for more on “rewilding” visit http://bit.ly/1hKGemK and/or check out George Monbiot’s book Feral: rewilding the land, the sea and human life: http://amzn.to/1fjgirx Watch the full TED talk, here: http://bit.ly/N3m62h Continue reading “‘Live Wolf Protected Wolf’ yell 10,000 in Madrid ‘Lobo vivo, lobo protegido”

Permaculture Project: reinvent ourselves

The Free best colour Jan22  2012. _Page_300_Image_0001Why start with: what permaculture means? Because many people don’t know what  it means, A lot of people think that it’s the normal agriculture with nothing different and that you are crazy because in this time of crisis, catastrophes and war you think only about nature and having some lush vegetables in your garden…but permaculture or synergistic agriculture, as you prefer, is not only a method to work the soil and have lush and sane vegetables but it’s above all “taking care of people”. Continue reading “Permaculture Project: reinvent ourselves”

How to Do Permaculture: Free Download: Food Forest

Free Download:  How to do  Permaculture.   18pages

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A No-Non-Sense Guide to Establishing Permaculture Gardens & Food Forests on Boring Lawns

food forest

Hi there. 

Presumably you are here because something about edible landscaping, permaculture design,

agro-forestry or agro-ecology appeals to you. Great! Continue reading “How to Do Permaculture: Free Download: Food Forest”

Rio treaty ‘written for billionaires’..283 paragraphs of fluff.

How “Sustainability” Became “Sustained Growth”

The draft and probably final declaration is 283 paragraphs of fluff. It suggests that the 190 governments due to approve it have, in effect, given up on multilateralism, given up on the world and given up on us.

see also update  http://thefreeonlin ..governments-have-given-up-on-the-planet/

The Rio Declaration rips up the basic principles of environmental action.   In 1992 world leaders signed up to something called “sustainability”. Few of them were clear about what it meant; I suspect that many of them had no idea. Perhaps as a result, it did not take long for this concept to mutate into something subtly different: “sustainable development”. Then it made a short jump to another term: “sustainable growth”. And now, in the 2012 Earth Summit text that world leaders are about to adopt, it has subtly mutated once more: into “sustained growth”…. Continue reading “Rio treaty ‘written for billionaires’..283 paragraphs of fluff.”

Agenda 21: Sustainabilty or buckets of Greenwash??

Here in Spain local right wing council’s are competing to declare support for Agenda 21, Sustainability, Environmental awareness, etc. All good citizens are urged to take part, and the response is good.   Because everyone knows by now that  we’re destroying the life supporting mechanisms of the planet.

Okay it’s super necessary that we all take part, but without touching the rampant consumption that is the base of capitalism, we are all pissing against a gale force wind.

Suddenly AGENDA 21 is all the fashion, nobody mentions that it was first agreed in 1992 at the Rio Summit, and has taken almost 20 years to get off the drawing board. Meanwhile every field of environment, climate and biodiversity crises have been taking giant steps backwards.

It seems like Agenda 21 may  be used by corrupt business and politicos as one more LOAD OF GREENWASH and even an excuse to CUT SERVICES in the name of sustainability. No reason not to support the idea, I support it, while exposing the hypocritical cant of those profiting from destroying our planet.

” The world’s leading ozone destroyer takes credit for leadership in ozone protection. A mammoth greenhouse gas emitter professes the precautionary approach to global warming. A major agrichemical manufacturer trades in a pesticide so hazardous it has been banned in many countries, while implying it is helping feed the hungry. A petrochemical firm uses the waste from one polluting process as raw material for another hazardous process, and boasts of an important recycling initiative. Another giant multinational cuts timber from virgin rainforest, replaces it with monoculture plantations and calls the project “sustainable forest development.”

”Welcome to the world of GREENWASH, where transnational corporations (TNCs) are preserving and expanding their markets by posing as friends of the environment and enemies of poverty. Greenwash takes many forms: from the pious concern for the environment expressed in expensive advertising campaigns, to the “continuous improvement” ballyhooed in voluntary codes of conduct; from the creation of benign-sounding corporate front groups, to the participation of TNCs in environmental conferences and events. All these efforts share the goal of avoiding national and international sanctions on dirty TNC operations, which are at the root of many global environmental crises.”

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