Hunger Games reviews: Catching Fire to Capitalism

Occupy The Hunger Games

Catching FireIn order to provide moral uplift, whenever he caught my brother and me watching Saturday morning cartoons after 10 o’clock, my father would turn off the TV and tell us both a story.

He was an 18-year-old private serving in the U.S. Marine Corps at the tail end of the Korean War. “Korean kids your age were lazy and filthy,” he told us. “I used to watch them digging in garbage cans for food. They didn’t want to work.” He would then hand my brother a mop, me a bottle of Windex, and assign us both chores around the house.

At night, sometimes, when he was drunk, he would tell a more disturbing story. Continue reading “Hunger Games reviews: Catching Fire to Capitalism”

Help Femen activist Amina, ‘condemned to Death’ for protest Photo

Radical Tunisian islamists represented by Imam Adel Almi call for death penalty by stones for young tunisian girl, who took a naked picture of herself and posted on Facebook to support FEMEN movement. 26th of February a Tunisian woman, Amina Tyler, sent an email to FEMEN with attached photo of herself in the style of FEMEN with written message on her body  “Fuck your morals!”.
The picture was posted on fan pages of FEMEN. Then Amina has created a fan page FEMEN Tunisia to support the movement from her country. Today the information about death threats to Amina from islamists was spread by mass medias, the call for death penalty was made the by Tunisian political figure and leader of the Association of centrists reforms Adel Almi. After getting info about threats for Amina FEMEN activists tried to get in touch with the tunisian supporter by phone, but the phone is switched off.
FEMEN cares for the life of a youn

g Tunisian activist Amina.

Femen denounces the disastrous Islamization of Arab spring with full devaluation of all revolutionary achievements! Bearded monsters will never intimidated brave acts for freedom made by women!

Giant demo for Pussy Riot.. Put Putin Out!


15 Sept 2012. 10’s 0f 1000’s march against Putin and demand freedom for the Pussy Riot three.

Russia’s opposition movement drew tens of thousands to another large anti-Putin demonstration on Saturday, sending the message that its ranks are undaunted by a battery of new government sanctions and the two-year prison sentences handed down last month to the punk-rockers of Pussy Riot. Continue reading “Giant demo for Pussy Riot.. Put Putin Out!”

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