Taksim is everywhere..Back to Taksim

Back to Taksim

barricade Taksim 23.06.13

By @JFernandezLayos

[Greek translation here and in comments]   Istanbul, June 23

Dear people,

It has been an extraordinary week of revolutionary assemblies in all parts of the city. But I have to admit, I kind of missed the tear gas.

Yesterday at last we were bound to have some. Continue reading “Taksim is everywhere..Back to Taksim”

Spain sends Turks planeload of Tear Gas / España envia Gas a Erdogan??

The Spanish Government sells tear gas to Turkey? ¿El Gobierno español vende gas lacrimógeno a Turquía?




[english, castellano más abajo]


A Spanish plane full of tear gas cannisters for the Police!


While the heavy usage of tear gas during the protests which started in Taksim Gezi Parc and spread all around Turkey is under scrutiny, allegedly a plane-full of teargas cannisters have been brought from Spain.


The usage of tear gas in the 12 days protests which started in Taksim Gezi Park and emanated all around Turkey is under heavy criticism. During the police intervention with tear gas, many citizens suffered head injuries due to targeted attacks of tear gas cannisters, and their treatments are continuing in intensive care units. Nevertheless, due to the current allegation of the arrival of a Spanish cargo plane full of tear gas cannisters show that police will not cease its use of tear gas. Continue reading “Spain sends Turks planeload of Tear Gas / España envia Gas a Erdogan??”

Brutal attack on Save Trees Demo sparks Turkey Uprising

turkish springUPDATE 

Turkey: Mega victory demos as killer police retreat

Police retreat as protesters rally in Istanbul square

After viciously attacking peaceful protestors for 36 hours with tear gas and pepper spray to hold onto the area, Turkish police retreat as thousands of protesters pour into Istanbul’s Taksim Square…. 


turkey park demo

Turkey arrests anti-government protesters

At least 60 people detained as Istanbul protest spreads to Ankara and Izmir, with tear gas sprayed and many injured.

Turkish authorities have arrested dozens of people protesting in the fiercest anti-government demonstrations the country has witnessed in years, with riot police firing tear gas on demonstrators in Istanbul and Ankara.At least 60 people were detained on Friday as they protested in Istanbul at a rally which began over the demolition of a park, but which turned into a broader protest against what they see as an increasingly authoritarian government.”The protesters are saying that this is not about trees anymore,” said Al Jazeera’s Rawya Rageh, reporting from Istanbul.

Several thousand people had attended the Istanbul protest, and there is “an assortment of tear gas cannisters everywhere” in the city’s main Taksim Square, she said. Continue reading “Brutal attack on Save Trees Demo sparks Turkey Uprising”

ZAD battles on: Rohanne Forest: This is Far from Over!

no ZAD

Wednesday 28 November 2012, by zadist

The Rohanne Forest, in the centre of the ZAD. People lived there fairly peacefully for around two years, in a big communal house and scattered treehouses.

The police came and destroyed the house what seems like a long long time ago, on the 18th October 2012.

A new communal was built high up in the trees. The cops came back with climbers and destroyed all the treehouses including the communal on the 30th and 31st October.

Another new communal was built. They came back on the 5th November and destroyed that one too.

Then things started to get interesting. Continue reading “ZAD battles on: Rohanne Forest: This is Far from Over!”

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