Rojava Revolution gets support: Mass Desertions to join SDF



  • A complete brigade of the FSA announced that it was going over to SDF Saturday, on Oct 15, 2016

  translated from Kurdish CAT with thanks, original below

A brigade of the Free Syrian Army (FSA, Free Syrian Army) has  joined the SDF ( Syrian Democratic Forces) . The integration was announced at a press conference in the city of Al-Hasakah.The Union of Free Officers announced they were leaving the ranks of the FSA and joining the self-defense forces. Their representatives expressed a strong aversion to the type of Islam that has been permeating the FSA. In the beginning this revolutionary movement was born in lay and secular sectors opposed to the Assad dictatorship… continues below

flag_of_syrian_democratic_forces-svgWhat is the SDF?… a fast expanding multi ethnic, multi religion, anti sexist, non authoritarian federation  

by wikipedia...  Since its founding last year dozens of rebel militias of all ethnic and religious hues have flocked to join the SDF (see long list and details below), as they can retain their identities and participate equally, embracing the new ideology of ‘Democratic Confederalism’ of the Rojava revolution. By May 2016 the SDF had up to 80,000 fighters and the percentage of Kurds was only about  60% and falling  (wikipedia). Continue reading “Rojava Revolution gets support: Mass Desertions to join SDF”

100 Days in Prison : Turkey Won’t Let Our Journalist Go!

Visit the VICE News #FreeRasool page for more information.

100 Days in Prison and a Lawyer Shot Dead: Turkey Still Won’t Let Our Journalist Go

By Jake Hanrahan Dec 5, 2015  * VICE News journalist and fixer Mohammed Rasool has now been held for 100 days without trial in Turkey.

* The VICE News team’s Turkish lawyer was shot dead in the street one week ago.

* The detention of journalists continues unabated — two have just been jailed on the same baseless terrorism charges that VICE News was accused of.

Our first impression of Adana Kurkculer prison was, as would be expected, a bad one. Several layers of high-walled security doors peeled open as we were driven in under armed guard, our hands cuffed in the back of a military vehicle.

Leaving My Friend Rasool Behind and Why He Must Be Freed from Turkish Prison


Continue reading “100 Days in Prison : Turkey Won’t Let Our Journalist Go!”

Turkish police kill 2 children, arrest dozens, attack mourners of massacre victims, ignore ceasefire, bomb kurdish areas,…etc

translated from kurdiscat with thanks.. Turkish police reacted to the attacks of 10 October killing and persecuting the victims. Yesterday, a wave of arrests included more than a dozen members of HDP (People’s Democratic Party), a party which summoned the march for peace which was attacked by state terrorism. Among those arrested was Eda Kilis, co Eruk Mayor of (Turkish Kurdistan).

Deputy PM dismisses PKK cease-fire, instead unleashing massive bombing raids right after the Ankara massacre, killing dozens more.

In the evening, the demonstration in Amed was attacked by police. The motto “Peace despite everything” contrasting with thebviolent position of president and the Turkish prime minister. Davotoglu been dedicated to insultoing the victims ND inventing the perpetrators (IS, PKK, DHKP / C). Continue reading “Turkish police kill 2 children, arrest dozens, attack mourners of massacre victims, ignore ceasefire, bomb kurdish areas,…etc”

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