Anarchist prisoner Umut Firat now over 50 days on Hunger Strike in Turkey


A diumenge, de gener 29, 2017 en español abajo
The anarchist prisoner Umut Firat (imprisoned for 23 years) has passed Day 50 of his hunger strike. Recently, Unut was transferred to prison number 4 Yenisakran, type T (according to the security levels of the Turkish prison system) in Izmir itself. (see address below).

Body searches at the hands of regime guards, and prison conditions are some of his grounds for protest. The demands of the prisoners, the repression and torture suffered daily, are ignored.Image result for devrimci anarsist, Umut Firat

Conditions of detention in Turkey, especially since the failed coup, have worsened significantly. Prisoners sleep in groups of 19 in cells that fit 14, are forced to sleep on blood-stained beds, only two visits of 45 minutes are allowed every month….

You can try to Send Umut a card  HERE

Umut Firat Suvariogullari,
İZMIR 4 NOLU T TIPI KAPALI CEZA İNFAZ KURUMU, Aliağa Ceza İnfaz Kurumları Kampüsü, Bahçedere Köyü No:63 Yenişakran / Aliağa / İZMİR. Izmir Yenisakran 4,  Turkiye

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