veta La Palma. Aqua-permaculture in Andalucia

This video is a bit deceptive on the reasons behind this great farm.

It’s because it’s next to the Donaña Park that the owners had to be sustainable, in general all Spanish enterprises are the exact opposite. Another question is that the location is pretty unique, between 2 big rivers by the sea. That said it”s an inspiring project.

Uploaded by AlJazeeraEnglish on Apr 6, 2012

Wow, haven’t seen such a beautiful piece of work regarding the environment in such a long time. Amazing filmography and message. Gives hope to the future regarding sustainable development. Hope I could go there some time. Great job AlJazeera!
earthtojanson 1 day ago

great video mate .. and btw most of the indian are vegetarian .. greetings from india 😀
simonjack0071 1 day ago

love this
tajpapa 2 days ago

Great stuff, Russell Beard and the Al Jazeera team.
Really nice to see a positive initiative environmental report.
julianchosun 2 days ago

Such a Powerful way of creating food and without harming a thing but instead improving it! We should give bonuses to those improving like this farm. Simply Awesome!
BrianJFanslau 2 days ago 5

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