An Explosion of Commons Gatherings


Tue, 03/12/2013 – 09:50

Anna Betz, cofounder of the School of Commoning in London, has amassed a remarkable listing of commons-related conferences, lectures and other notable events in Europe, Asia and Africa in the next four months.  (See her longer blog post here.)  I’ve added Brooklyn to her list, just to add a US event.

Oxford, England, March 16
Commons and Commoning – Ideas and practices for a connected world. A one day programme with international commons activist and author, Silke Helfrich to facilitate and share new thinking and practices on the commons, commoning and commons creation in all areas of our lives: our communities, organisations, networks, disciplines.

Barcelona, Spain, March 20-21
Sharing Commons Spring Institutions for/of the Commons. State & Commons: An Impossible Match? Reflections from a worldwide perspective by Michael BauwensGraphic from “Making Worlds” gathering in Brooklyn.

London, England, March 23
A World that Works For Everyone. An event jointly organised by the Green Party and the School of Commoning featuring creative20commons20image-1-290x217Silke Helfrich in the Series ‘Meetings with a Remarkable Commoner’

Savannah, Georgia, USA, March 27-29
The 6th annual The SoTL Commons [Scholarship of Teaching and Learning] conference is a catalyst for learning, conversations and collaborations about SoTL as a key, evidence-based way to improve student learning.

Brooklyn, New York, USA, March 29-30
A second annual conference, Making Worlds:  A Commons Coalition, sponsored by the Occupy Wall Street-related group, at the Commons Brooklyn.paradigm

Cape Town, South Africa, April 9-11                                                                              The 2013 International Association for the Study of Commons Africa Regional Meeting aims to bring together informal and formal networks.  It proposes an ecosystem approach to natural resource management in Africa.

Stockholm, Sweden, April 11
Commoning the City will explore the theory and practice of urban commons in the context of Sweden, and beyond. By bringing together professionals from the fields of urban theory, architecture, digital culture, film, literature and social sciences, as well as hands-on practitioners and policy makers, the conference will investigate what role the commons can have in shaping the cities’ future.CommonsRising

Paris, France, April 25-26
Property and Commons seminar will present for discussion the results of three years of surveys and research carried out in the framework of the PROPICE project (Intellectual Property, Commons and Exclusivity), sponsored by the French National Research Agency.

Berlin, Germany, May 22-24
The Economics and the Commons Conference (ECC) will convene approximately 240 commoners — researchers, practitioners and advocates from around the world — to explore the relationship of conventional economics and the commons, showcase key actors and initiatives, and devise plans for moving the commons paradigm forward.Evolve

Athens, Greece, May 23-25
The Hybrid City II: Subtle rEvolutions Conference, workshops, exhibition and parallel events Hybrid City has grown into a peer reviewed conference, aiming to promote dialogue and knowledge exchange among experts drawn from academia, as well as artists, designers, researchers, advocates, stakeholders and decision makers, actively involved in addressing questions on the nature of the technologically mediated urban activity and experience.

Mount Fuji, Japevent_177883902.jpegan, June 3-7
Commoners and the Changing Commons.  The International Association for the Study of Commons biennial conference, focusing on livelihoods, environmental security and shared knowledge.


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