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WORLD SOCIAL FORUM ANOTHER WORLD POSSIBLEGlobalSquare is a series of online and physical meetings and assemblies whose participants and organisers are individuals linked to the 15M, Occupy, Student Movements, Yo Soy 132!, Tharek, Idle No More!, VIA22 as well as other movements.

Our objective is to prepare a lively open space for physical contact and exchange during the World Social Forum (WSF) which will take place from 26-30 March 2013 in Tunisia where the flames of the global intifada first sparked in January 2011.  …

Activities in Tunis – GlobalSquare

From 19, 12:07 AM
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Activities in TunisProposed activities for the GlobalSquare space at the World Social Forum in Tunis:

Livestreams of all these events will be available, we will also try to interact via skype and mumble. All details about how to join from a distance will be added to this schedule as soon as possible.

Monday 25th of March
Meeting at the campus? (Time and location to be confirmed)

Tuesday 26th of March
There will be an opening march or event. An idea is to meet each other there and come together after this event.

Wednesday 27th of March
1st slot: 9h00-11h30
Title: Media Platforms for Action
Organized by: GlobalSquare.

2nd slot: 13h00-15h30
Title: Facilitation and decision making processes in horizontal groups
Organized by: GlobalSquare.

3rd slot: 16h00-18h30
Title: Open assemblies of the movements from the squares 1
Organized by: GlobalSquare.

Thursday 28th of March:
1st slot: 9h00-11h30
Title: Networked solidarity? interactions between labour, NGOs, political groups and the squares
Organized by: GlobalSquare.

2nd slot: 13h00-15h30
Title: VIA22  – Comment collaborer au-delà du FSM? Espace ouvert et créatif pour le  dialogue entre les personnes impliquées dans les mouvements sociaux  actuels et au sein de la société civile / How can we collaborate beyond  the WSF?
Organized by: VIA22.

3rd slot: 16h00-18h30
Title: Open assemblies of the movements from the squares 2
Organized by: GlobalSquare.

Friday 29th of March:
1st slot: 9h00-11h30
Title: Interoccupy: Connect. Colaborate. Organize.
Organized by: InterOccupy.

2nd slot: 13h00-15h30
Title: Open assemblies of the movements from the squares 3
Organized by: GlobalSquare.


On Friday late afternoon and saturday morning there will be convergence assemblies. GlobalSquare does not take part in this (we are not an official organisation) but of course everybody can join these meetings and bring their proposals there. On saturday there will be a closing event.For the full programme of events at the WSF in Tunis,


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