See the PAH Docu: Inspiring Mutual Aid Stops Evictions

the documentary SÍ SE PUEDE (with English subtitles) 

pahOn Spain’s anti-eviction/occupation movement Plataforma de Afectados por la Hipoteca, a very impressive and inspiring movement of mutual aid.

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Terrific film – thanks for running this last Sat at The Art Nouveau Cafe Atlantic Road Brixton ‘A celebration of Eviction Resistances’

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Be moved. Be inspired. Watch this: SÍ SE PUEDE. Seven days atPahH Barcelona. #housingcrisis #housingaction

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fuck the banks… I can live without them…

zwarte KatMikeGilli. Since the docu was made the activist Ada Colau has been  elected mayor of Barcelona, propelled by the PAH movement under the banner ‘Barcelona in Common’, her team have been able to stop many more evictions in the city and order ‘her’ city police not to enforce eviction orders. An estimated 250,000 people evictions have been carried out since the’crisis’ began.

Do you want to know about the main anti-eviction citizen’s movement in Spain? Comando Video invites you to view the documentary ‘SÍ SE PUEDE. Seven days at PAH Barcelona’ (2014), a daily account of Barcelona‘s Platform for People Affected by Mortgages that portrays what a common week, and its tireless activities, could look like.adacolau-4

Seven interviews -combined with images collected over one year- lead the viewer through the different activities performed weekly at PAH Barcelona. This documentary placed cameras at the heart of the organization to depict not only the post-housing bubble drama but most importantly the huge invisible work behind the PAH and the deep process of transformation and empowerment of those who participate in it.

Directed by: Pau Faus  Script: Pau Faus y Silvia González-Laá   Sound: Xavi Andreu   Comando Video (2014)

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Jason McCutcheon 

This is an amazing movement in Spain. We salute you here in Ireland where we are fighting the same battle!!Euforia-PAH-Sabadell-BBVA-Franca_EDIIMA20140320_0746_4

+Jason McCutcheon Hi Jason! Are you involved in local groups in Ireland? If you ever want to get in touch with the PAH to collaborate more actively, pop an e-mail to

+Tom Youngman Yes we are involved with Right2water Midwest. Give us a like on Facebook. Plus we are involved with Limerick Says No To Water Charges, Meters and Policies Of Austerity on Facebook also. We are working and building towards our fifth National Demonstration in Dublin on August 29thstop mortgage evictions

United Diversity Shared on Google+ ·
Must see film about PAH Barcelona, especially given Ada #BcnEnComú is now Mayor of Barcelona! 😀 #housingcrisis #housingaction


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