updates: Resistance Grows to #HambacherForest Destruction: Mass Demo Oct 6th: Save the Planet – #EndCoal!

Massive Demo Sat. October 6th …Please Come

Reportback: Thousands building barricades on a sunny afternoon in #HambacherForest

11:31 Many many people on their way to starting point of todays #HambacherForest walk. #Hambibleibt #Hambacherforst #antireport #EndCoal pic.twitter.com/8ObH3paK5n

— Enough is Enough! (@enough14) 30. September 2018

As we arrived at the official starting point, several thousand people were already there and the crowd continued to grow. The first groups didn’t even wait for the official forest walk to start, they went immediately into the forest. They were checked by cops at the entry of the forest, but were allowed to pass after their bags were searched. Doa86wQXoAAVzsO-768x576.jpgLast week the cops lost their checkpoint after a few hours, but this week people didn’t even try to put pressure on that checkpoint. People that didn’t want to get checked just went into the forest on other spots.

That’s something we didn’t know yet as I made the livestream in the tweet below.

11:54 Video of a #Livestream that we made a few minutes ago in #HambacherForest#Hambibleibt #Hambacherforst #EndCoal #Eco #30settembre #30September #30S https://t.co/M828529EuT

— Enough is Enough! (@enough14) 30. September 2018

People continued to arrive and a comrade that was still on his way, informed us that the next train from Cologne was also packed with people…….

continues HERE   https://enoughisenough14.org/2018/10/02/reportback-thousands-building-barricades-on-a-sunny-afternoon/


#HambacherForest: ​​#Paragraph11 evicted on Monday – Cops vandalized #Wiesencamp

Hambacher Forest: Many cops evicted Paragraph 11 yesterday. Some arrests and evictions were very rough. Paragraph 11 was evicted but Black Socks, Ghost Town and Quality land are still standing. Ghost Town will be evicted today.

12:36 Some images by @ulle_schauws of cops clearing sitting blockades at #Paragraphp11 #P11 in #HambacherForest #HambiBleibt #HambacherForst pic.twitter.com/kSlHNq9TSe

— Enough is Enough! (@enough14) 1. Oktober 2018

Many cops evicted the ground structure of Paragraph 11 yesterday. Some arrests and evictions were very rough. Every time that we had the impression that journalists were not looking that closely, one or two cops stabbed people with their batons or pulled them by the ears.

Some people were hidden under the underwood and were sawed out. That was not completely unproblematic and dangerous. Nobody was brought to the detention center.

12:08 Video by @EsselinkNienke from a bit earlier (11:40). Cops attacking people with pepper spray at one of the barricades arounf #Paragrapgh11 #P11 in #HambacherForest #HambiBleibt #HambacherForst #antireport #Eco #PoliceViolence #RWE pic.twitter.com/zFFvE0YD1i

— Enough is Enough! (@enough14) 1. Oktober 2018……….

continues here  https://enoughisenough14.org/2018/10/02/hambacherforest-%E2%80%8B%E2%…

#HambacherForest: #RWE escalates conflict with forest defenders after 20 days of evictionsp11-cherry-pick-going-up-768x619.jpg

After twenty days of evictions all tree houses in Hambacher forest are evicted now. Paragraph 11 was the last tree house. Yesterday cops evicted several platforms and energy giant RWE started to enclose the beautiful forest with trenches and barrier tape.Published by Enough is Enough. Written by Riot Turtle. Image above by @A_BlackSocks

Yesterday the cops evicted Black Socks, Fenrir 2.0 and Ghosttown, these were new occupations. The last activist at Black Socks, Whiskey, was evicted around 08:00pm.

08:12 Trucks with sand accompanied with some police vans are driving into #HambacherForest. #HambiBleibt #HambacherForst Info by @MahnwacheHambi

— Enough is Enough! (@enough14) 2. Oktober 2018

On the day of Steffen’s funeral cops were again risking peoples lives. During one of yesterdays evictions cops were chasing an activist in the trees. A cop grapped one of the feet of an activist. The forest defender lost his balance because of this dangerous  maneuver and was hanging upside down in the trees.hambi23s4

17:31 This afternoon #Steffen‘s funeral took place. We will not report about the funeral itself but just want everybody to know. Tomorrow we will change our avatar and title image again with our logo. For Steffen: La lucha continua!#HambacherForest #HambiBleibt #HambacherForst

— Enough is Enough! (@enough14) 2. Oktober 2018

10:31 #Livestream by @anettselle in #HambacherForest shows an activist hanging upside down in a tree without security line after he was chased by cops in he trees. #HambiBleibt #HambacherForst https://t.co/kT3aTfZx8c

— Enough is Enough! (@enough14) 2. Oktober 2018

During the day the cops continued with heavy controls. Yesterday some people reported that they were searched about every 20 meters.

09:36 Still heavy police controls. About every 20 meters cops search bags, also check journalists. Info by @HambiBleibt #HambacherForest #HambiBleibt #HambacherForst

— Enough is Enough! (@enough14) 2. Oktober 2018

Reportback – #HambacherForest: Resistance against #RWE/Police Eviction of #Paragraph11

On Oct. 1st eviction of Paragraph 11 took place, a tree house build by a Guild of Traveling Carpenters as a community space for those blocking RWE coal in Hambach Forest.

It became a true community during Monday resistance against Fossil Fools forces of repression and destruction that have been ravaging and destroying all forest occupations, tree houses and cutting 100s of trees for last 3 weeks plus in what has been the biggest police operation in the history of North Rhine – Westphalia.

Originally published by Hambi Bleibt.

With paragraph 11 being the last of over 30 tree houses destroyed in this 3rd of large waves of historic tree-top evictions in Hambi.  First eviction took place in 2011 and at the time was the longest and most expensive in Federal Republic of Germany history(this time this record has been surpassed again) second occurred in 2014 with destruction of Monkey Town.

With both previous waves of cops washing up on our green shores looking now like gentle breezes, however those actions were also complete clearing of all at the time tree houses in the forest. Those previous act of repression however only invigorated and amplified the resistance, multiplied exponentially the number of activists, ideas and treetop homes in the forest and generated public discussion of why such large resources in the time of economic austerity, ecological collapse and climate change are being spend to support and subsidize RWE’s toxic and  climate killing opencast mining.

Another dynamic that has also always been directly proportional to the level of repression has been solidarity  which this time also became a weapon with hundreds coming to support, surround and fortify the surroundings of Paragraph11 beginning a week before and leading to the eviction, while thousands took part in demonstrations and actions world-wide to support the cause of saving and defending this unique and irreplaceable forest.

p11-ground-camp-467x350.jpgBeginning on Thursday police presence increased in the area and Friday road was made to the occupation with hundreds coming on both days and blocking the surrounding roads reclaiming the area under P11 and finally on Saturday and Sunday building large, all around barricade walls with crawl space inside preventing the barricades being picked up of moved by heavy equipment.

On Monday the CO2ps were massing in the thousands around the forest and started coming unto the road in front of P11 around 8:00 and came into the forest and surrounded paragraph11 an hour later.

The walls all around were the height of 2 meters and formed a 3 layered spiral, and at first the police just maintained the kettle around the activists inside of a fortified village protecting the Tree and  its tree house in center. Then CO2ps started working together with RWE contractors who cut DoaHkesWkAAtMzp-430x323.jpgthe barricades with chainsaws, until getthting to the second layer of barricades that they begun to cut as well until finally responding to urgent calls that people were inside and proceeded to take them apart by hand, this had to take place before the operation could move further and cops showed their frustration by being aggressive towards those who were pulled from the inside.

This frustration has almost become indicator that something was done right and someone did manage to get on their nerves.  At that time on team of cops was loaded into a bucket of a bulldozer, while another team was breaking through the barricade on the others side with the help of RWE contractors.

Before going in they were joined by additional police brigade. They came over the barricade in a raised bulldozer bucket sprayed those on top of barricade, who at the time were holding signs and trying to appeal to them, with pepper spray.


Grabbing and pushing down the blockaders some of the cops fell down the barricade face first while taking some of the activists down with them.

Aggressive destruction took place next with cops not only grabbing, hitting and pulling down all who were not already sitting down under the tree and even took their agression out on all the hanging tarps that were pulled down, ripped and cut and then on anything else such as any resisting pots, backpacks and jackets that got in their way which were kicked with great gusto…………..

continues here..    https://enoughisen……

Massive Demo Sat. October 6th …Please Come

Although we usually don’t publish calls of NGO’s like Greenpeace Or BUND, we make an exemption for this demo, as it’s on the same day as the action of Ende Gelaende, October 6, 2018. The demo will be really big and creates headaches for the cops. Where to concentrate on? There are many tweets and Facebook event pages about travel options to Hambacher Forest on October 6. There will also be a bus from Amsterdam.

Originally published by Busride to Hambi: Join the Protest! Facebook event page. Edited by Enough is Enough.

People have blockaded the further destruction of Hambacher forest for more than 6 years and have built over 60 treehouses to protect it from the expansion of the mine.

Even though thousands of people have put their bodies on the line to end the coal extraction, and more than 750.000 people signed a petition against it, the German government and the company RWE continue their dirty business.

Call-out for action on 6th October 2018, organized by #EndeGelaende-local groups at #HambacherForest  by Ende Gelaende.

The time is now – let us push the preservation of the Hambacher Forest and the coal exit! We call all of you to join us on 6 October for an action around the Hambacher Forst – in addition to our long-planned mass action of civil disobedience from 25 to 29 October 2018.  The action at the beginning of October will be organized by Ende Gelände local groups & friends. If you have questions or would like to support this action in advance e.g. by organizing buses, mobi events or screen printing workshops, please contact us: grupla(at)systemausfall.org (PGP)

Ende Gelände, Hambi stays! – One Struggle, One Fight!

On the same weekend the autonomous centre (AZ) in Cologne hosts the RabAZ. The AZ is one of our allied places, which is also threatened by eviction. Therefore we would like to invite you to the action and networking days https://az-koeln.org/rabaz/, in particular the soli-demonstration on 7 October (Sunday).

Together we are many!

Over the last weeks, the police have supported the coal company, to clear the blockades and the tree houses to prepare the clearing of the forest for further expansion of their mining operations. In order to raise the stakes, most of the German environmental NGOs agreed to have a mass demonstration together near Hambach on the 6th of October!


For people that travel by their own means

The Hambach Forest lies west of Cologne in Kerpen. There is a Public transport services but it might be overcrowded. So please plan enough time for your trip. We also strongly recommend our online ride sharing application: https://www.stop-kohle.de/anreise

Demonstration to Hambacher Forest
October 6, 12:00
Starting point: Buir Train Station

Bus from Amsterdam

On the 6th of October, we are arranging a free bus from Amsterdam to Hambi for people who want to join the mass protest on Europe’s key climate battleground! The protest is taking place in the Hambacher Forest on the edge of one of the biggest lignite mines and is aimed against the destruction of the forest to make way for the expansion of the mine and to celebrate the inevitable End of Coal!

The bus will leave on the 6th of October at 07.30 @ Orlyplein, Amsterdam (the entrance of the train station Sloterdijk) and will return there the same day around 23.30.
On the way we will make a stop at Station Oud Zuilen, Utrecht to pick up people that live in that area. Gathering Oud Zuilen 08.15, bus leaving 08.30.

After the demo you’re welcome to join us on the ride back or.. You can stay at the climate camp for further support! In the latter case, make sure you’re well equipped for the stay 🙂



We have 40 spots available. If you want to be sure of your spot sign up fast through this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfJgR-UQnPNleo2XYbsX-_l9SIF0tn8k-T6UPnkxuaDOHYYVA/viewform?usp=sf_link

The first 40 people will get a seat. The rest will be informed whenever there is a free spot.

Further info: https://www.stop-kohle.de/

FB-Page of the protest we’re joining:

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