updates: Resistance Grows to #HambacherForest Destruction: Mass Demo Oct 6th: Save the Planet – #EndCoal!

Massive Demo Sat. October 6th …Please Come

Reportback: Thousands building barricades on a sunny afternoon in #HambacherForest

11:31 Many many people on their way to starting point of todays #HambacherForest walk. #Hambibleibt #Hambacherforst #antireport #EndCoal pic.twitter.com/8ObH3paK5n

— Enough is Enough! (@enough14) 30. September 2018

As we arrived at the official starting point, several thousand people were already there and the crowd continued to grow. The first groups didn’t even wait for the official forest walk to start, they went immediately into the forest. They were checked by cops at the entry of the forest, but were allowed to pass after their bags were searched. Doa86wQXoAAVzsO-768x576.jpgLast week the cops lost their checkpoint after a few hours, but this week people didn’t even try to put pressure on that checkpoint. People that didn’t want to get checked just went into the forest on other spots.

That’s something we didn’t know yet as I made the livestream in the tweet below.

11:54 Video of a #Livestream that we made a few minutes ago in #HambacherForest#Hambibleibt #Hambacherforst #EndCoal #Eco #30settembre #30September #30S https://t.co/M828529EuT

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#HambacherForest still Occupied: Action Day anywhere Sun 30th #Lorien still resistant …

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Hambacher Forest: Another day is over in this tough, weeks-long eviction by police and state machinery for the profits of RWE and their coal lobby.After the destruction of Oaktown, Gallien, Cozytown, Beechtown and Kleingartenverein, Lorien is the last major occupation that is still fought for. For days, the police there tried to evict the people from their tree houses

Call out for a decentralised day of action on Sun. September 30: Hambi stays! #HambiBleibt/We do not want a coal phase-out by 2038 nor 2030, rather we want to get out of coal immediately. We need to get out of this globally devastating dirty energy that has no future…  ……

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Hambacher Eviction Resistance Continues, Tree by Tree: More Solidarity Welcome

hf1#Hambacher Forest: Thousands marched in solidarity, hundreds take over the forest

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On the fourth day of the eviction of the Hambach Forest occupation, activists and supporters from all over made it clear to energy-giant RWE and the government of NRW, that the squatters inside the forest are not alone in their struggle!

Originally published by Hambi Bleibt. Edited by Enough is Enough.

Already from early in the morning, it was clear that the weekly “forest walk” was going to be something special.

09:39 September 16: Activist started #AufBäumen this morning. While #RWE and cops evict, cut trees and destroy #HambacherForest, activists are planting new trees. #HambacherForst #Eco #HambacherWald #HambiBleibt Image by @_mtiemann pic.twitter.com/ZijD8Fxcio

— Enough is Enough! (@enough14) 16. September 2018

Despite the fact, that police beforehand had made it official that the “forest-walk”, led by Eva and Michael Zobel, would not be allowed to enter the forest, thousands of people, from all stages of life, went towards the nearby village of Buir, completely filling up several trains on the way there. After hours of continuous arrival of motivated “forest-walkers”, the march began moving in the direction of the forest, waving flags, yelling slogans, and showing their solidarity with the climate-justice activists inside the occupation, and protesting for the preservation of the 12,000 year old forest, and against the extraction of lignite-coal by energy-giant RWE.gg

11:01 Cops are busy evicting tree houses in #Oaktown #HambacherForest – #HambacherForst #HambiBleibt Image by @infozentrale pic.twitter.com/B6PdXGWhj0

— Enough is Enough! (@enough14) 16. September 2018

When arriving at the protest vigil, many hundred people chose to break off from the march, and while yelling “we want a forest walk!” managed to break through police lines, entering the forest.
Here people spread out, surrounded the occupations that were being evicted, in order to support the activists, and some places even managed to force the police to leave the premises. At one point a few hundred activists managed to completely surround an eviction tank near the Cozy-town occupation! Others went through the forest, erecting barricades, and playing cat-and-mouse games with the officers still present.
Although police violently arrested several activists, these moments gave people the strong experience of how active self-empowerment and solidarity is the strongest weapon against repression, making it clear that if we are determined enough, we can overcome any obstacles.
They may have the money, but we have the masses!

13:37 According to @AktionUnterholz there are 7000 people at the #HambacherForest walk today. – #HambacherForst #AktionUnterholz #Aufbäumen #HambiBleibt. Video by @MonaNeubaur pic.twitter.com/EsQmWnyIbl

— Enough is Enough! (@enough14) 16. September 2018

While some people were taking back the forest, attempting to halt the destruction of the unique ecosystems of the Hambach Forest, the action group “AufBäumen Gegen Kohle” had planned a “tree-planting action”, where a large group, equipped with shovels, watering cans and seedlings, attempted to plant new trees at the edge of the forest, bringing new life, to make up for the mass-murder committed by RWE.
Their peaceful protest however was met with very aggressive behaviour from the police, pushing and punching activists to keep them from getting to their goal.bunteGleiseKonfetti-400x268.jpg

14:59 Hundreds left the registered Forest walk that was not allowed into #HambacherForest by cops. Many people now went into the forest as a wild spontaneous demo. #HambacherForst #HambiBleibt Video by @infozentrale pic.twitter.com/eDnQ1GTfVp

— Enough is Enough! (@enough14) 16. September 2018

At the end of the day, despite the presence of large amounts of activists and supporters, police forces managed to evict the rest of the treehouses in Oaktown, including Mousehouse, Floki and Nest. One activist in Oaktown, however, impressively managed to stay up in a tree throughout the day, where they still remain to this moment.
The police also began the eviction in the so-called “WWestside”, which includes the treehouse-villages Beech-town and Cozy-town. From here two people were evicted and transported away to the pre-charge detention centre.evictionjuly22-400x225

13:53 Cops continue with evictions this Sunday. People at sit-blockade chant “#HambiBleibt!” (Hambi stays). #HambacherForest #HambacherForst Image by @KimKolumna pic.twitter.com/ofl2BhRpRY

— Enough is Enough! (@enough14) 16. September 2018

Throughout the day, the police kept press-workers at a distance, making it hard (almost impossible) for journalists to properly show the brutal reality of the police’s destruction of the climate-justice occupation in national and international media. It seems clear, that for interior-minister of NRW Herbert Reul (CDU) and the government of NRW, the protection of the interests of energy-giant RWE and the coal-lobby, has higher priority than the protection of the “freedom of the press”.

15:28 Cops are powerless. Hundreds reach the next “village” in #HambacherForest #HambacherForst #HambiBleibt #eco #antireport Video by @infozentrale pic.twitter.com/lOOIglTnWl

— Enough is Enough! (@enough14) 16. September 2018Luftschloss-17-1

The support and solidarity in the last days has been truly empowering, giving us the energy to keep going. Although tomorrow Monday brings with it for many people the beginning of another working week, we are hoping to see all of you here, to help keep the resistance alive! Hambacher Forst stays, to infinity and beyond!

17:15 #Lastweet Cops now attacked people with pepperspray in #HambacherForest #HambacherForst #HambiBleibt https://t.co/dfa6WVwJXT

— Enough is Enough! (@enough14) 16. September 2018


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