200 Manis Feministas! STOP Rapist Impunity! Tsunami Violeta!

 The court of ‘La Manada’ did not believe a woman who reported that her partner raped her                 Spanish / English

He got just 10 months, though even the Defence asked for 2 years,   for beating and stabbing her. But they acquitted him for rape because she ‘didn’t struggle enough’. This despite the fact that the prosecution requested ten years in prison and had a previous conviction for raping another woman.

It’s the same political court and it’s another direct attack on the uprisen Iberian feminist movement in the wake of the Womens General work and home Strike and ongoing mass actions.

Sunday 25th Nov 2018 sees another Violet Tsunami with 0ver 200 feminist demonstrations  demanding an end to open patriarchal violence, discrimination and misogynist oppression..-. see map

The political judges of ‘La Manada’ condemn only for “occasional mistreatment” a man who slashed, raped and tried to suffocate his wife.

Again, the court that tried La Manada returns to the center of the controversy with another sentence difficult to understand. On this occasion, the three judges of the Provincial Court of Navarre acquitted a man accused of sexually assaulting his partner.

The accused was sentenced to ten months in prison for beating her with an ashtray and punching her, but he was acquitted for anal rape.

This despite the fact that the Prosecutor’s Office was asking for ten years in prison and that he had already been sentenced a decade earlier for raping another woman. , as reported by Cadena Ser.

The judges considered that the crime was not accredited despite the request of the prosecutor and the private prosecutor, who requested 12 years in prison.

The victim also suffered physical and verbal agressions and reported that despite denying and resisting, her partner forced her to have anal intercourse using violence……

Violencia machista El tribunal de ‘La Manada’ no creyó a una  mujer que denunció que su pareja la violaba

Condenó al hombre a diez meses de cárcel por pegarle pero le absolvió por violación pese a que la Fiscalía pedía diez años de prisión y contaba con una condena previa por violación a otra mujer

“Para que sea culpable de intentar matarme ¿tiene que matarme?”“To be guilty of trying to kill me, do you have to kill me?”

Los jueces consideraron que el delito no quedó acreditado a pesar de la petición del fiscal y de la acusación particular, que solicitaba 12 años de cárcel. La víctima sufrió agresiones físicas y verbales y relató que, pese a negarse y oponer resistencia, su pareja la forzó a mantener relaciones sexuales por vía anal usando la violencia……

Denuncian censura de vídeos contra la violencia machista en Facebook

Uno de los magistrados que revisará el fallo a La Manada cree que la violencia sexual no es violencia de género

Romper el silencio: el fin de la cultura de la violación

El tribunal de ‘La Manada’declara firme la sentencia

El Salto

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