Revolutionary Kurdish Afrin Refugees trapped in Shabha resist blockades and bombs from Turkey and Syria

In March 2018 the Kurdish Afrin Canton in Syria finally fell after a massive attack, bombardment, bombing and invasion by the Turkish army, armed to the teeth with NATO weapons and with agreements with Russia and the US.

Afrin, al-Shahba people protest against occupation …

The Turkish had previously recruited a whole range of jihadist militias who had been losing badly in the Civil War and used them as paid and armed mercenaries to occupy Afrin, and expel the population, with a view to permanent colonization and Turkification.

No state was willing to stand up to Turkey, under the dictator Erdogan and Russia signed an agreement the same day to build the Turkstream gas pipeline and other projects in Turkey.

Seydo Îbo@seydoibo·Replying to @UNHCRinSYRIA@Refugeesand 7 othersSyrian activists document in month of March (1132) artillery shells fired by #Turkish army and its pro-militants on villages inhabited by Afrin displaced people in Shera & Sherawa of #Afrin and Shahba northern Aleppo, despite the UN initiative to cease fire in Syria #Afrintweet

A reign of terror continues till now in 2021 in the once peaceful rural Afrin, which had been a model of progressive community organisation and care for refugees. At least half of the population has been expelled to refugee camps in a small corner of Afrin, the Shahba district, right next to AZAZ, the capital of Turkish invasion, from where it is regularily bombed and shelled.

The Shahba refugee camps are completely surrounded bu the Syrian State, Turkey and assorted underpaid mercenary militias with little to do but pillage, kidnap, murder, occupy and harass them.

Just as the world ignored the invasion and ethnic cleansing it continues to largely ignore the existence of the Shahba refugee camps with at least 150,000 totally trapped and destitute citizens, under pressure from the racist regimes in Damascus and Turkey, (as well as the camps with another 150,000 of refugees from Turkey’s next invasion in the North East, with the name ‘Peace Spring’).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 095404_sehba-dosye-rewsa-gel-di-qampa-berxwedan-7.jpg

Refugees in al-Shahba resent inaction of international orgs….Afrin people in Berxwedan camp “Resistence” in al-Shahba canton in Afrin region expressed their resentment about the harsh conditions in the camp and negligence of the international organizations which do not move till now to help them .

Hardly anyone has ever heard of Shahba. In recent weeks (Jan 2021) the blockade of aid (mainly from the Syrian side) by the Kurdish Red crescent and the UN has tightened, causing near starvation.

Shahba is under the joint control of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Syrian regime troops, with an additional presence of Russian troops. The area hosts many thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) who arrived there after escaping when Turkey and Turkish-backed militias attacked nearby Afrin and began occupying it in 2018.

The canton of Shahba, located in Tel Rifaat in the northern part of Aleppo province, was an area once under the control of the so-called Islamic State before Syrian Kurdish forces liberated the region in 2016.

Local officials from the Kurdish-led self-administration established a displacement camp there, known as Serdem Camp, on March 29, 2018, shortly after the Turkish-led incursion into Afrin. Turkey’s military operation led to the displacement of thousands of Kurds and the killing of scores more.

The camp began to receive displaced people from Afrin on April 10, 2018, and currently houses over 1,400 refugees, many of them women and children.

Apart from the heavy shelling by Turkish-backed groups, the Shahba area has been cut off from humanitarian aid by both the Syrian regime, on the one hand, and Turkish-backed forces, on the other.

Multiple human rights and media reports have documented large numbers of credible claims that, since the occupation of Afrin in March 2018, Turkish-backed armed groups have regularly committed various violations and war crimes, primary among them ethnic cleansing, kidnapping, extortion, murder, rape, and the looting and destruction of property.

Aerial photo – a camp in Al-Shahba, thelargest displaced camps in northern Aleppo countryside.

Local activists told Kurdistan 24 and other media on Thursday that Turkish-backed militias from the so-called Syrian National Army (SNA) have kidnapped more than a dozen Kurdish civilians in Syria’s northwest region of Afrin, including women, children, and the elderly.

Read More: Turkish-backed militias kidnap Kurdish civilians in north Syria’s Afrin

Al-Shahba camp refugees suffering from cold and sickness ...

Al-Shahba camp refugees suffering from cold and sickness …

As recently as early March of this year, the commission again released evidence that it had found reasonable grounds to believe that the militias “perpetrated the war crime of murder and repeatedly committed the war crime of pillaging, further seriously contravening the right to enjoyment of possessions and property.”

The UN concluded that “if any armed group members were shown to be acting under the effective command and control of Turkish forces, these violations may entail criminal responsibility for such [Turkish] commanders who knew.” Editing by John J. Catherine

Kurdish officials and media have claimed that the regime has imposed sieges on pockets of territory belonging to the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Shahba district – home to hundreds of thousands of Kurds who fled the Turkish invasion of Afrin in early 2018 – and the Ashrafiyah and Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhoods in Aleppo. April 10 2020   16:09

Hawar News Agency (ANHA), an SDF-affiliated media outlet, cited a number of rights groups and organizations as saying on Monday that Assad’s government “has been starving the people of Shahba and Afrin (district) for three years, where the refugees exceeded 150,000, including the indigenous people. They are living in five camps and half-destroyed houses.”

The Shahba camps have been self organised horizontally on the model of the Rojava revolution, with equality for all races and especially women, and all kinds of communally organized production, facilities and initiatives.

ANF | Report on the refugees from Afrin in Shehba published

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Two thousand children from the Afrin region in Kurdish, Arab and Yezidi, aged between 6 and 12 years, gathered with their teachers in Serdam camp in Al-Ahdath district of Al-Shahba canton to participate in the drawing of the world’s longest painting.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 160536_sehba-zaroken-efrine-3.jpg

Culture-Art Center opened in al-Shahba – ANHA | HAWARNEWS .

What are Robar, al-Shahba camps children's demands? | ANHA

What are Robar, al-Shahba camps children’s demands? | ANHA

ANF | People in Rojava take to the streets again


Al-Shahba … Systematic siege practiced for concessions

NEWS 21 Jan 2021, Thu – 06:02 2021-01-21T06:02:00 AL-HASAKAH – BUTTAN HUSSEIN

An administrator in the Future Syria Party pointed out that the goal of the Damascus government in the siege of al-Shahba canton is to obtain concessions from the Autonomous Administration, and said, “The Syrian regime and Turkey are two sides of the same coin.”

NEWS 21 Jan 2021, Thu – 06:02 2021-01-21T06:02:00 AL-HASAKAH – BUTTAN HUSSEIN

The Damascus government has imposed a suffocating siege for nearly two months, on al-Shahba canton and the displaced Afrin occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries, and prevented the entry of food, health and fuel supplies to it.

NEWS Shahba 07 Oct 2019,

The siege has opened the way for the deterioration of economic, health and social life, and a decline in the standard of living, especially in light of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

Erdogan has repeatedly promised to ’empty’ Afrin of ”Kurdish terrorists”and install an Arab and Turkmen plantation and openly boasted he will recapture all of Syria and lands once held by the Ottoman Empire …

In al-Shahba canton, in the northern countryside of the city of Aleppo, there are 5 camps for the Afrin IDPs after Turkey and its mercenaries occupied the city in 2018.

The camps established by the Autonomous Administration of the displaced from Afrin and containing thousands are “Sardam, Afrin, Al-Awda, Al-Shahba and Barkhdan.”

The Damascus government forces impose exorbitant sums on the entry of any truck into the canton, amounting to two million Syrian pounds or more, in addition to blocking people movement as there are 5 checkpoints for the Fourth Division between Aleppo and al-Shahba canton.

These violations aroused the anger of the people in al-Shahba canton, and they expressed this by going out in demonstrations at the checkpoints of the Damascus government forces, amid the silence of humanitarian organizations…….

Commenting on this, the administrator in the Office of the Future Syria Party in Al-Darbasiyah district, Rustam Bakr, explained to ANHA agency many of the pending issues between the Damascus government and the Autonomous Administration, including Ain Issa, the shape of Syria after Joe Biden came to office, and how to solve the Syrian crisis politically.

Bakr added, “With Russia’s help, the Syrian regime is trying to take advantage of the vacuum in the White House, as it is trying to control Ain Issa in order to be able to control the M4 international road, and imposing the siege on al-Shahba canton is one of those files.”

Created with GIMP

08 Feb 2021, KOBANE – AL-SHAHBA Dozens of members of the Revolutionary Youth Movement gathered in coordination with the Kongra Star in Ahdath district in al-Shahba canton in the district park, carrying the picture of the leader Abdullah Ocalan, the flags of the Kongra Star, and the flags of the Revolutionary Youth Movement

‘Siege for abdication’

Bakr points out that the Damascus’s siege against the people of al-Shahba canton and the forcibly displaced people of Afrin is “not alien” from it. Preserving its power, and he is still ready to kill and bet on another counterpart in order to preserve his power. “

Bakr pointed out that the Damascus government knows that there are displaced people in occupied Afrin, and it is besieged by the latter, and there is no outlet except the road that it controls, and he said, “The Syrian regime is trying to obtain concessions by blocking Shahba.”

Two faces of the same coin

Bakr continued, “The policy pursued by the Syrian regime against the people of al-Shahba canton is very similar to the violations committed by the Turkish occupation state and its mercenaries in occupied Afrin, as they differ in their form, but the content is the same. What is happening in al-Shahba canton is a continuation of the Afrin plot and the extermination of the Kurdish people. They are sentenced to death. “

Politicized organizations

Regarding the silence of humanitarian organizations working in Syria, especially in light of the spread of Corona, about the imposed siege and preventing the entry of raw materials such as fuel and medicine supplies, Rustam Bakr said: “Humanitarian organizations working in Syria are politicized organizations that work according to international policy dictates that are in their interest. “.

 At the end of his speech, the administrator in the office of the Future Syria Party in Al-Darbasiyah district, Rustum Bakr, called on international humanitarian organizations to break their silence and do their duty. 



​​​​​​​International conspiracy aimed to impede Kurdish issue solution

Hediya Youssef said that the international conspiracy against the leader Abdullah Ocalan was “to hinder the solution of the Kurdish issue and deepen the contradictions in the Middle East,” during a public meeting held in Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood, while other activities condemning the international conspiracy were held in the cities of Qamishlo canton.…….

Turkish-backed groups shell IDP camp in Syria’s Aleppo; 2 deaths, multiple injuries reported

Two were killed and at least several more wounded in heavy bombardment by Turkish-backed armed groups that targetted camps and villages with large numbers of displaced populations in Shahba canton, located in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo, local sources said on Friday. Hisham Arafat  

Syria Allepo Turkey SDF Afrin

ALEPPO, Syria (Kurdistan 24) – Two were killed and at least several more wounded in heavy bombardment by Turkish-backed armed groups that targetted camps and villages with large numbers of displaced populations in Shahba canton, located in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo, local sources said on Friday.

ANF | 1,200 women subjected to violence in occupied Afr

Anjela Rasho, the co-head of Kurdish Red Crescent (KRC) in Shahba, told Kurdistan 24 that several civilians were wounded and a Kurdish civilian named Khaled Mohammad Oso from the village of Kafr Naya was in critical condition after being struck in his back by shrapnel.

“The heavy mortar shelling claimed the life of a 47-year-old Syrian Kurdish IDP Mohammad Sido and the life of a regime soldier, plus two soldiers were wounded in the shelling,” she said.

A Turkish bombardment on al-Shahba caused the displacement …

Rasho added that intermittent bombardment by Turkish-backed militias targeting civilian areas within the district has been ongoing for the past month, but has intensified over the past few days when it has struck several villages and camps. These include the Shahba IDP camp, Eqibe, Suxaneke, Dayr Al-Jimal, Mar’anaz, Tanab, Kafr Antun, and many other villages hosting various numbers of displaced families.

Other activists in the district reported that the area has been bombarded by artillery and mortar shells for a week, completely destroying dozens of homes

The Siege of Shaba

The siege imposed by Damascus Government on al-Shahba, the Syrian Government has been starving the people of al-Shahab and Afrin since 3 years, where the refugees exceed 150,000, including, the indigenous people, they are living between 5 camps and semi-destroyed houses.”

This siege is not the first, but was preceded by several other sieges imposed by the Damascus Government, the first of which is on June 2, 2018, on October 10, 2018, on July 21, 2019, and on November 15, 2020, according to the statement that stated that the siege “includes all the people of The areas of al-Shahba and Afrin, with all its components and sects, without excluding any components.

And added ” The siege has doubled the suffering in getting the diesel, gas, medicinal aids, baby milk, flour and other foodstuffs, as this violates the principles of international humanitarian law, as well as the 1977 Additional Protocols annexed to the four Geneva Conventions as well as under Rule 53 of the Law.”

“The customary international humanitarian law, as well as the Rome Statute, which stipulates that intentional starvation of civilians as a method of warfare is a war crime. Likewise, the Statute of the International Criminal Court, Article 8, is also considered a crime of genocide.”


Turkish occupation shells al-Shahba villages

04 Feb 2021, Thu – 18:47

Bringing the Afrin War to European Streets’: Direct Action Catalogue

Afrin people about Tal Rifaat massacre: Whatever the occupier does, we will not yield

25 Jan 2021, Mon – 15:02

Women are disappearing in occupied Afrin. Abducted, Murdered, Raped, some sold as slaves of Erdogan’s Militias

Rojava women organise Day for Elimination of Violence against Women. 25 Nov.

21 women killed in ‘domestic violence’ in Turkey in October

Erdogan to install Jihadi allies in Afrin after expelling Kurds + Defend Afrin News

Rape used as war weapon by Turkey against Kurdish minority. Girl raped by 27 State forces

Genocide : Trump sells ‘right to invade Rojava’ to Erdogan for $3.5bn .. STOP him NOW

SDF Women aim to Send ISIS back to Hell in Raqqa

Turkey boasts of murders as Rojava genocide begins, SDF suspends ISIS offensive

Turkish invasion in Afrin leaves ‘grim tally’ of children killed, ‘fleeing families’  – UNICEF

Hands Off Afrin: Demos, Support, Appeal, News Updates

‘Bringing the Afrin War to European Streets’: Direct Action Catalogue

Defending Afrin means Defending the Women’s Revolution

​​​​​​​Turkish occupation, linked mercenaries shell Shera, Al-Shahba intensively

09 Feb 2021, Tue – 18:36

Massacre in Tal Rif’at, 3 martyrs and 6 injuries by Turkish Occupation 

23 Jan 2021, Sat – 15:37

Afrin people: Damascus governments policies are continuation of  Turkish occupation one

03 Feb 2021, Wed – 07:37

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