Spycops Bill – UK police get legal right to murder, torture, use children, and commit sexual offences! ..

from Anarchist Communism.org shared with thanksFebruary 14, 2021 ACG

Spycops Bill – the encroaching police state

On the 27th of January, MPs voted 363 to 267 to remove restrictions put on the Covert Human Intelligence (Criminal Conduct) Sources Bill.

The removal gives the police the legal right to commit serious crimes such as murder, torture and sexual offences and the disgusting use of vulnerable people and children as state operatives, ensuring that they are at grave risk.

The reversal of these restrictions means that the state (including the police, the National Crime Agency, MI5, the armed forces and Prison service) are now legally allowed to commit such crimes and abuses of human rights.

This is clearly another example of how we do not live in a free society and in fact are now living in what is increasingly a police state.

The bill has been rushed through parliament so it could deliberately escape necessary scrutiny. It has been helped along by the majority of the Labour Party, with its current leader, Sir Keir Starmer, whipping MPs to abstain on this repressive bill.

The Spycops scandal has revealed the disgusting and outrageous lengths to which the state is willing to go, in abusing innocent campaigners in the UK for decades, from environmental activists to trade unionists and campaigners for race equality.

Even the grieving family of Stephen Lawrence did not escape this reach by the agents of the UK state.

Previously, prosecutors decided whether it was in the public interest to trial undercover police crimes. But this SpyCops Bill bypasses prosecutors entirely, allowing state agencies the unprecedented power to declare serious breaches of UK law ‘lawful’, as long as agents have an internal authorisation.

Further, there has been no single instance of so called ‘rogue’ prosecutors going after police officers or MI5 agents for minor crimes that were committed in the course of their work, meaning that the supposed reason for this bill is unnecessary and false.

  • This is an attempt by the ruling class to make themselves and their state untouchable and it is only necessary for that purpose.
  • This law gives legal loopholes and license to agents of the state to commit serious abuses of power.
  • This bill encourages state agents to be instigators and agent provocateurs and to abuse people’s human rights.

Sir Keir Starmer, meanwhile, has made the arrogant, false and absurd claim that “there is no bigger advocate of human rights, me”.

However, it is clear from Starmer’s record as Director of Public Prosecutions, Head of the Crown Prosecution Service and his appointment as Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath where he stands – firmly on the side of the ruling class and its oppressive state.

Starmer upheld the decision not to prosecute the officers who killed Jean Charles De Menezes, and the police officer Simon Harwood, whose unnecessary and unprovoked physical assault caused the death of Ian Tomlinson.

His record as Labour leader also shows which side he is on, whipping MPs to abstain, not only on this bill, but also on the Overseas Operations Bill, which makes it much harder to prosecute members of the military for human rights abuses such as torture and murder. Such a bill actively encourages such abuses.

Starmer claims that the Spycops bill guarantees that human rights abuses cannot be allowed, but this is not the case, as proved by the removal of restrictions and the capability and likelihood of loopholes to be used. In any case agents of the state have already proved (with the Spycops scandal) that they simply cannot be trusted not to commit such abuses.

It has been proven that they can get away with it, with the approval of the British state.

The passing of this law shows the complete moral bankruptcy and failure of bourgeois democracy.

It highlights the total failure of reformism and the capitalist system to uphold human rights and to protect people in the UK.

It makes all agents of the state above the law.

It shows us clearly and urgently that the only valid strategy against capitalism is that of militant revolutionary organising and upheaval.

The state must be smashed and capitalism abolished

Anarchist Communist Group


The vile immensity of the crimes committed

by the ACG s hared with thanks illustrations added

The ongoing Spycops hearing in the Royal Courts of Justice in London reveals the vile immensity of the crimes committed by the State and the Metropolitan Police, not least the mass deception of women involved in various radical movements.

In the course of forty years, the shady police unit, the Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) has sent at least 139 undercover cops into a thousand (1,000) political parties, organisations, campaigns, defence committees and justice groups.

Thirty plus women were deceived by male police officers into intimate sexual relationships, having children with some of them, whilst three female undercover cops also deceived male members of various groups into intimate sexual relations.

Poster crew run #spycop takeover of London ad spaces

To further their undercover identities, the SDS stole the names and identities of at least 80 deceased children, to provide aliases. They spied on 26 justice campaigns, including the one organised around the murder of Stephen Lawrence. In addition to this, they organised various provocative actions and activities.

The SDS infiltrated the anarchist paper Freedom, the West Ham Anarchists, the Anarchist Workers Association, the Anarchist Communist Federation, Class War, London Greenpeace, etc, as well as Trotskyist groups like the Socialist Workers Party.

The SDS was set up in 1968, by the Met’s Special Branch in the context of the two huge demonstrations against the Vietnam War that happened that year. They did this with the approval, and we should say, probably at the instigation, of the Labour government led by Harold Wilson.

It was at first known as the Special Operations Squad, changing its name in 1972. It functioned in liaison with one of the British secret State bodies, MI5 (Military Intelligence, Section 5).

The first operation of this spy cop group was the surveillance and infiltration of the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign (VSC), the organiser of the demonstrations mentioned above. One of these cops infiltrated both the VSC and the Revolutionary Socialist Students Federation, and helped organise the demonstrations!

Andy Coles (current).jpg

Andy Coles is a right-wing politician who is active in the ruling Conservative Party in Peterborough, UK, who used to be an undercover cop. This despicable piece of shit targeted environmental, animal rights and pacifist groups during the early nineties. Coles was part of a unit called the National Public Order Intelligence Unit of the Special Demonstration Squad and wrote their operational manual.

When questioned at the hearing he said that he had voted against the motion put forward by a Maoist group within the VSC to have a march to Downing Street, as his false persona was “a bit anti-Maoist”.

The SDS were also responsible for sting operations. In 2007 four spycops posed as criminals – drug dealers and money launderers – in order to request the lawyer Azhar Khan as their brief. They did this with the connivance of six other cops. Azhar Khan was one of the first BAME lawyers.

He encouraged other BAME men and particularly women to enter the profession, and he worked in a working class area, doing a lot of legal aid defence work. The police had a grudge against him for this, and there was a large dose of racism in this equation. They set up an operation known variously as Operation Castration, Castrum and Castro, which lasted for 18 months.

Khan was offered an opportunity of laundering £50,000. They also offered him big bags of drugs. Khan turned down all of these offers. They then lied to their officer in charge saying that Khan had agreed to committing a crime at a meeting they had had with him.

Despite no evidence of any crime being committed, his home and office were raided in December 2009, and he was charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. The police later had to admit that the fake arrests of undercover cops were designed to try and find evidence of criminal conduct by Khan.

These attempts at luring him into committing crimes were repeated over and over again, despite his spurning of offers to commit crimes on every single occasion. The judge threw the proceedings out of court.

Khan was singled out precisely because he was an Asian lawyer.

In the case of the Stephen Lawrence defence campaign, instead of looking for the racist murderers of this black teenager, the SDS sent four undercover cops into the campaign set up by his family, in order to find dirt on them.

When they could find nothing against the family, they started focussing on other members of the campaign. The Stephen Lawrence campaign was just one of many such family justice campaigns infiltrated by the SDS, including that of Jean Charles de Menezes. Not one of the officers involved in these campaigns has been disciplined.

Campaign Opposing Police Surveillance

One of the worst features of the activities of the SDS was the infiltration of personal lives. It is highly likely that undercover cops were actively encouraged to enter into sexual relationships with members of the groups infiltrated. They became fake friends and fake lovers.

  • They deceived women, and a few men, into sexual relations.
  • They were introduced to the parents of these women, they attended funerals of their relatives, they continually deceived.
  • They fathered children with them, and then abandoned them.
  • They actively influenced the policies and actions of the different groups infiltrated.
  • They stole the identities of dead children.
  • They conspired to bring about arrests that resulted in miscarriages of justice.

The Metropolitan Police agreed, on 23rd October 2014, to pay £425,000 to a woman whose child was fathered by undercover cop Bob Lambert. She was a 22 year old activist at the time of the relationship. This payout was part of an agreement to drop legal action alleging assault, negligence, deceit and misconduct by senior police officers.

Undercover Police who Spy and Rape in Social Movements

Lambert disappeared two years after the child was born. This case is just one of many. The Met has insisted that that “the Metropolitan Police Service has never had a policy that officers can use sexual relations for the purposes of policing.”

This is patently not the case, with the encouragement of such behaviour at high levels of the Met, and above by its masters in government. These sexist and misogynist policies, combined with the racism displayed in the cases cited above, and the undermining of many groups engaged in perfectly lawful and peaceful activities, point to a poisonous culture reigning in the forces of the State.

These undercover cops weren’t rogue cops, naughty boys who got carried away, they weren’t aberrations. Their conduct was rubber stamped by the State.

Poster crew run #spycop takeover of London ad spaces

One undercover cop, “Peter Fredericks” stated during the inquiry that the deceitful relationships established by spycops were similar to them “sampling the product” of drug dealers whose operations the police would infiltrate!

The current inquiry into these nefarious activities, presided over by retired judge John Mitting  is a complete whitewash. Mitting has granted anonymity to many of these spycops, and he has refused to allow livestreaming.

As Kate Wilson, one of the women deceived into a relationship with undercover cop Mark Kennedy wrote: “In allowing officers to maintain their anonymity, Mitting appears to believe that police evidence is more valuable than victims’, and his bias when it comes to deciding what the public needs to know puts control of the narrative in the hands of a sexist, racist, politically prejudiced institution that carried out anti-democratic operations without public oversight for decades.”

Police Spies Out of Lives: policespiesoutoflives.org.uk

Undercover Research Group: undercoverresearch.net

Anarchist Communist Group


Poster crew run #spycop takeover of London ad spaces

Undercover Police who Spy and Rape in Social Movements

‘Spycop’ scandal Hits new low with Claim that Officer exploited Elderly Activist as part of Cover

Exposed: ‘Spycop’ Tory Councillor sexually exploited a teenager

Andy Coles – Undercover Cop, Sexual Predator and Right Wing Goon (UK)

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  1. Has any research been undertaken into the links between Brexit/DUP and the attempt to cover up any future EU investigations into atrocities committed against innocent civilians in Northern Ireland by the republican and loyalist gang members run by General Kitson during the ‘troubles’ ? The 1968 initiative for full British state abuses of power against their own runs in timeline with the military initiating of civil war in Ireland. I suspect that the increasingly extreme threats of loyalist violence by the DUP(UDA/UVF) allegedly in response to the Brexit NI Trade Protocol are, in fact, an attempt to sever Northern Ireland from the EU human rights jurisdiction snd protect their thousands of still living, manyof them in mainstream NI politics British criminals from possible future prosecution for crimes against humanity.

    If I am correct, look out for an increasingly irrational, bellicose and potentially murderous political campaign by the DUP and Lord Frost to destroy the NI Brexit protocol and in the wake of their cynically engendered local violence, the erection of a hard border in the island of Ireland.
    Frank Kitson’s Boys ‘n’ Girls WILL be protected from prosecution by their own class, even at the cost of total economic destruction, social anarchy and the removal of all hardwon postwar civil liberties and the rule of law in the UK. This filth all started it will all end in Northern Ireland.


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