TODAY. Even more dangerous GROUPTHINK – swallowing the idea that a nuclear war could be won

May 7, 2022 – Posted by Christina Macpherson | Christina’s notes

Of course, it must be disappointing to the developers and then the buyers of magnificent new toys, to know that those toys cannot actually be really played with. I mean, they did have a couple of little real games in 1945, and that was fun.

Since then, they’ ve had some sort of second-rate games – testing the toys on indigenous lands, and in the oceans, I mean, tough luck that this destroyed environments, brought cancer and death and dislocation to indigenous communities.

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\And heck, even some white communities were damaged! Also, just building the toys caused thousands of workers to be made ill, and many to die.

But we knew that it was all in a good cause – didn’t we?

And now, many voices, especially some powerful and oh-so-knowledgeable voices, are calling for getting serious with these toys…

– time to nuke the Russians to bring peace and democracy to them?

And, time for the Russians to nuke us in the interests of getting in first?

But the trouble is, some thoughtful people think that it might not work out so well.

Apparently, even a very clever computer worked it out that no-one could win in a nuclear war.

Indeed, the computer thought that the only way to win – is not to play.

To write seriously – it would be an awful pity if we let those oh-so-knowledgeable voices pass their thinking on to us all, or to enough people – so that using nuclear weapons whether bombs or ”tactical” is accepted as an OK thing to do.

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