Housing Movements and labor unions call protests today May 21 in Catalonia

The demo will begin at 6:00 p.m. at Plaza Universidad and is promoted by more than 50 social entities and labor unions

May 20, 2022 / By Sindicat de Logateres de Catalunya/ translation thefreeonline shared with thanks

“After almost 2 million evictions in the last 10 years, we cannot allow one more. We must recover the social function of housing, today hijacked by banks, vulture funds and large owners" said Lucía Delgado, spokesperson for the Catalan PAHs, during today's press conference held at the headquarters of the Government Delegation in Catalonia .

The cost of living is becoming unsustainable for many families: the price of food and supplies is rising, precariousness dominates the labor market and access to housing is impossible for the majority of the population.

That is why the social movements have today made an appeal to the Government Delegation in Catalonia to take to the streets of Barcelona next Saturday, May 21 at 6:00 p.m. at the Pl.Universitat de Barcelona under the slogan #AixíNoPodemViure.

In the press conference, Lucia Delgado, from the PAH; Guillem Aragonés, from the Tenants Union; Max Carbonell of the Legal Commission of the I Housing Congress of Catalonia; María Campuzano from the Alliance Against Energy Poverty and Iru Moner from the CGT and Iolanda Segura from the IAC, as representatives of the Trade Union Table of Catalonia.

The choice of place is not accidental: the entities have chosen the seat of the Spanish government at a time when it is dealing with the approval of the Housing Bill, in which the application of mechanisms to stop evictions is at stake, such as the obligation to offer social rent and the extension of guarantees for tenants, such as rent regulation (which was rendered ineffective in Catalonia by a Constitutional Court ruling), the limitation of interannual increases linked to the CPI to 2% or the obligation that the landlords bear the cost of the fees.

“The housing law can be an opportunity to recover price regulation, to puncture the rental bubble and solve the two great precariousness that tenants experience: price increases and non-renewal of contracts” -he points out Guillem Aragonés from the Union of Llogateres of Catalonia.

Max Carbonell, from the Legal Commission of the 1st Housing Congress, has reproached the governments for the increasing repression that social movements have been suffering in Catalonia since 2020: “The housing movement alone has accumulated more than €400,000 in fines over the last few years. three years to defend the homes of the people and the right to a dignified life”.

María Campuzano, from the Alliance Against Energy Poverty, blames the energy lobbies for the wild increase in prices in recent years: “Democratizing energy is essential to lower the prices of basic goods and face the climate crisis ”.

For his part, Iru Moner, of the CGT Catalonia, has emphasized the effects of inflation, which since the end of last year has been achieving records that had not been seen in 30 years: “Wages have stagnated.

Inflation has repercussions on the working class, because it is an issue that makes it difficult to access basic goods”. Iolanda Segura, from the IAC, has also participated, denouncing that housing does not have to be a necessity, but rather a right.

For all these reasons, the entities call for the general mobilization of the entire population. For most of the recent crises we have not come out any better, rather the opposite: each new economic and social shock has served to transfer wealth into the hands of a few.

The Spanish state is the European Union country with the most inequality, according to the European Commission. On the other hand, published studies show that income differences grow more during economic recessions like the current one.

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