Without permission, the US places 2 more Nuclear Missile Destroyers, making Spain Russia’s biggest target.

Spain: now Targeted for Nuclear Annihilation, with the most advanced Anti-Ballistic Missile base in Rota.

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Now there are two more. Spain now hosts the 6 most advanced US Ballistic Missile Destroyers at the NATO base in Rota.

These ships must be eliminated in the first minutes of a war already “difficult to avoid” according to Putin, because they threaten Russia’s nuclear arsenal.

Eurofighter fighter of the 14th Wing. The Spanish Eurofighters led the NATO ‘Air Police’ mission on the Russian border in the Baltic.. 5 Dec 2021

Javier Benítez: “Without asking permission. Within the framework of the recent NATO summit in Spain, the US has informed the Iberian country that it will station two more Arleigh Burke-class destroyers at the Rota base, described as a ‘powerful naval jewel’ of the North American country. And everything, without asking permission, with everything that this movement implies.”
In addition, Spain continues with troops and tanks against Russia in Latvia, where the government, supported and armed by the US, joins the daily chorus demanding an attack by the extreme right-wing Ukrainians against the Russian population in Donbas.

The immediate elimination of the ROTA base would logically be accompanied by the annihilation of all Spanish ports capable of hosting Ballistic Missile destroyers, of which Russia has at least 3,000.

“It is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission”, says a popular phrase. And so the US acted, by adding these two destroyers to the Rota base”.

The destroyer “Arleigh Burke” upon arrival at Rota
The destroyer “Arleigh Burke” upon arrival at RotaMC2 Eduardo Otero. The ship “USS Arleigh Burke” is part of the NATO anti-missile shield, along with the “Ross”, the “Roosevelt” and the “Porter”

In the event of a war provoked by a NATO attack on the Ukraine, the Black Sea or Latvia, Russia will have to destroy, in a matter of minutes, first Spain as a base for the anti-ballistic missiles that dawn its original nuclear arsenal.

Defense Minister Margarita Robles: “proud to sacrifice the Spanish, militarily, economically and physically, to US criminals”

However, the ships, and the entire NATO fleet, are already obsolete and defenseless because Russia deploys ‘unstoppable’ hypersonic missiles that go up to 27 times the speed of sound. ) …

27 times the speed of sound = 33339.6 km/h or 20716.3 m

“In Spain there is a phrase, and I suppose also in many Latin American countries, that says that ‘Confidence sucks’. The Americans have a lot of confidence in the Spanish from what can be seen, and such is the confidence that they don’t even consult us directly, they simply inform us. They tell us, ‘hey, we’re going to place two more boats for you’, and like good vassals, we say, ‘ah, okay!'”, international analyst Fernando Moragón…”… Javier Benítez

The true role of Spain

In this case, Spain will probably be condemned to ‘Nuclear Winter’ without the possibility of growing food, for example, for half a century, at least, according to forecasts of nuclear war.

Since February 2014, the Rota naval base (Cádiz) has housed four US destroyers as part of the NATO anti-missile shield. And now, the “USS Arleigh Burke” is deployed at the base in Cadiz, which is the most technologically advanced destroyer of the US Naval Forces deployed in Europe.

Recently updated

Although this ship built in 1991 was the first of the destroyers of its class equipped with the “Aegis” combat system, it has recently been modernized with the latest technology and upgraded to phase 9, which allows it to carry out “effective anti-aircraft, anti-submarine, anti-surface and attack operations in high-threat environments,” as the Sixth Fleet explains in a statement.

“As one of the most technologically advanced destroyers in the entire United States Navy, we are excited to provide additional capability to Sixth Fleet operations,” said Patrick Chapman, commanding officer of the USS Arleigh Burke.

Scheduled relays

And although the Cadiz base is one of the key pieces of this defense system, it is not the only one, as other countries such as the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey or Romania also participate, where the Alliance also has radars and missile batteries.

Spain: Threatening Russia on its border.

Esteban Villarejo on Sep 09, 2019 The Latvian Defense Minister, Artis Pabriks, visited the Cartagena naval base, the Parachute Brigade and the NATO Combined Air Operations Center in Torrejón

interview extract

-Minister Pabriks, has the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, guaranteed the presence of Spanish troops in Latvia for the next few years?

-We would like this deployment to last as long as possible because the circumstances around us are not changing. And, unfortunately, our Russian neighbor is not inclined to admit its mistakes.


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