Womens Uprising in 3rd week. Jineolojî Movement leader Nagihan gunned down near Irani border.-

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#MahsaAmini #JinJiyanAzadi #ZanZindagiAzaadi #Women Life Freedom

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Our friend Nagihan Akarsel, Jineolojî Academy member and Jineolojî Journal Editorial Board member was martyred as a result of an armed attack in Sulaymaniyah at 9.30 this morning.

With anger and rage, we condemn this assassination, which is one of the recent political murders carried out by fascist and hegemonic powers against all women in resistance around the world.

see also..Slain feminist activist Nagihan Akarsel’s work in her own words – Medya News

We call on the Kurdistan Regional Government to find the perpetrators of this murder as soon as possible. This attack is a continuation of the brutal murders against Yasin Bulut, Mehmet Zeki Çelebi and Suhel Xorşid.

​​​​​​​K Star call women to join women’s uprising in Rojhilat and Iran
Kongra Star called on all women in the world, organizations and personalities calling for freedom and democracy to join and support the uprising of women in Rojhilat and Iran, and strongly condemned the murder of Gina Amini by the Iranian authorities.

If this murder case is not investigated, the collaboration of the Kurdistan Regional Government will face the rage of the rising wave of our women’s revolution.

Nagihan has been active in the university youth movement, in the press and in Jineolojî efforts. She spent a long time in the Kurdistan Women’s Freedom struggle, and resisted in prison for years for this cause.

During the most difficult years of the Rojava women’s revolution, she built efforts to develop the women’s colors of the revolution and advanced revolutionary women’s enlightenment works through Jineolojî.

133 DEAD..2nd Oct

She did so in all of Rojava and especially in Afrin, with great courage and determination. She touched the souls and hearts of women in Şengal (Sinjar), who experienced the most severe forms of ISIS brutality, when she conducted field research to illuminate this sociology and history.

Who Killed Nagihan Akarsel

There have been at least five assassination attacks in Sulaymaniyah, a Kurdish city in Iraq on the border with Iran. in a year alone. The latest attack targeted a female activist, and academician, editor of Jineology magazine and member of the Jineology Research Centre, was shot dead. The attack took place in front of Akarsel’s house at 10:00 local time.

The previous murders were of men involved in the Azadi Movement, and PKK martyrs support committee by Turkish proxy killers. None were arrested and there was no investigation, as the local authorities are in league with Turkey.

The street execution of Nagihan Akarsel , a key figure of the international women’s Jineology Movement and the slogan #JinJiyanAzadi (Women..Life..Freedom), happens in the continuing Womens uprising in Iran, just a few kms from where she lived.

The Iranian repression has already killed at least 150 protestors by 6th Oct 2022, as well as raiding and bombing across the Iraqi border near Kurdish Suleymani killing at least 17. With the aim of punishing the threatening Kurdish women defying Iranian dress code and slavery.

In this context he dramatic murder of Nagihan could be the work of Iran, as US agents and media claim. But local Kurdish organisations are sure the killing was a continuation of the illegal Turkish occupation and brutal terrorist campaign against revolutionary Kurds in parts of Iraq.

The Jineology feminist philosophy is a direct threat to the patriarchal privilege and power of the repressive islamic-extremist regimes in both Turkey and Iran. The police now claim to have arrested “the killers” at a checkpoint near Erbil .


Our Jineolojî Academy Member Nagihan Akarsel was working on the Kurdish Women’s Library and Research Center in Sulaymaniyah together with women from Southern Kurdistan. While working with the women of Southern Kurdistan, who experienced the most severe consequences of fascism and nation-state policies, Nagihan was brutally murdered by the Turkish occupying forces.


Several women’s groups and denounced the killing of Akarsel and expressed condolences on Twitter.

Protesters take part in a demonstration in support of Iranian protesters on October 4, 2022 in Barcelona, Spain. Photo: Pau Barrena/AFP

Hadis, Minoo and Ghazaleh: the women victims of Iran’s crackdown

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Women’s Branch said, “The bullet fired at Nagihan Akarsel were also shot at our struggle for women’s freedom. We will hold the murderers accountable for escalating our struggle for women’s freedom!”

HDP deputy Ayşe Acar-Başaran said, “Your massacres cannot stop us. Fear the women’s struggle; we’ll be strengthened by every attempt, every attack of yours!”

Rosa Women’s Association said, “This slaughter is a result of the hatred, anger and hate against the women’s struggle, women’s freedom and misogynistic policies.” (EMK/VK)

We will forever remember Nagihan Akarsel, who has been working for decades to create the mental and intellectual power of the women’s revolution, whose slogan Jin-Jiyan-Azadî echoes around the world today.

Against the same mentality of patriarchal fascism that brutally murdered Jîna Aminî, we are growing the women’s revolution in all of Kurdistan and beyond.

We state that we will avenge our comrade Nagihan by advancing women’s enlightenment with Jineolojî, in spite of the darkness of fascism and dominant masculinity.

We call on all revolutionary, democratic, liberationist women, academics and intellectuals to condemn this political assassination.

We call on Shahnaz Ibrahim and Kafia Suleiman, and all women from Southern Kurdistan to pressure the Kurdistan Regional Government to illuminate this political murder, and to condemn this attack by joining actions to unite with the women’s revolutionary wave in the making in Rojhilat (Eastern Kurdistan) with the slogan Jin-Jiyan-Azadî.

Jineolojî Academy

October 4, 2022

Support Hengaw

Re-arrest of minor Aida Darvishi, who is 17 years old from Paveh

Aida Darvishi, a 17-year-old Paveh teen who was arrested and released with her mother at the beginning of the protests…

The detention of two female students by security forces During the protests over the state-kill of a 22-year-old Kurdish woman……,

Rojnameger Nagîhan Akarsel hatiye qetilkirin

Nagihan Akarsel li ser Jîneolojiyê, rojnamegeriya jinparêz û jinan gelek lêkolînên girîng kiriye. Akarsel bi salan e di çarçoveya xebatên Jineolojiyê de li Silêmaniyê dijîya.

Authorities forced an 18-year-old girl to confess on television

Atusa Hosseini, Hediha Mihemi, and Rahela Jafari, three 18-year-old Sanandaj females,

Bayan Azizi, a human rights activist was arrested in Sanandaj

In the continuation of the wave of arrests of Kurdish individuals by t

At least 52 women were detained during the protests in Kurdistan

Security forces have detained scores of women and girls during the n confirmed.

Zhina Modaresgorji goes on hunger strike

In protest to the mistreatment of the prison authorities and her torture, Zhina Modaresgorji, one o

Arrest and ignorance of the fate of four teenage girls in Ilam

During the protests of the people of Ilam against the government’s killing of Zhina Amini (Mahsa

The term Jineology means “women’s science”. “Jin” is Kurdish and means “woman”. Logy is derived from the Greek term “logos” for knowledge.“Jin” also comes from the Kurdish term “Jiyan”, which mean “life”. In the Indo-European language group and in the Middle East the words Jin or Zen, all of which mean “woman”, are often synonymous with life and vitality.Jineology is active in many countries in Europe and Latin America and this year the centre will function its activities and research in the ‘South of Kurdistan’ or Iraqi Kurdistan. And this panel was an opening for the Jineology activities.

A woman was killed in Kermanshah protests

During protests on Tuesday, 20 September 2022, a mid-aged woman named Minoo Majidi w

Zhina Amini died due to severe injuries

Zhina Amini (Mahsa Amini), a 22-year-old girl from Saqqez, who was beaten by the officers of the Tehran Guidan

Kazhal Nasri, a Kurdish civil activist was sentenced to 5 years in prison

Kazhal Nasri, one of the civil and cultural activists living in Tangisar village of Sanandaj, who was arrested


The attempt of suicide by Zahra Seddiqi Hamedani in the central prison of Urmia

Zahra Seddiqi Hamedani, known as “Sareh”, 31, from Naqadeh, who was sentenced to death last

So’da Khadirzadeh was sentenced to 12 years and 6 months in prison

So’da Khadirzadeh, a Kurdish political prisoner who is currently imprisoned in the women’


Fereshte Hosseini, a female activist from Bukan, was arrested by the security forces

A female activist from Bukan identified as Fereshte Hosseini, who was transferred from

Possibility of the imminent execution of a female prisoner in Urmia prison

A female prisoner identified as Sahar Moradi, 27, from Bukan, who was previously sentenced to death on charge

Report on the latest condition of So’da Khadirzadeh and the failure to transfer her and her child to medical centers

Latest health status of So’da Khadirzadeh and the reason for her suicide attempt in Urmia prison

So’da Khadirzadeh, a Kurdish political prisoner who hanged herself and also administered pills to her t

So’da Khadirzadeh, a Kurdish political prisoner, committed suicide after being threatened by security forces

So’da Khadirzadeh, a Kurdish political prisoner, hanged herself in the women’s ward of Urmia on Thursday,

Imposing an imprisonment sentence for a female activist from Sardasht

A female activist from Sardasht identified as Naski Esmaili, 27, from Sardasht, who was

Zamaneh Zivieh was arrested to serve her imprisonment sentence

Zamaneh Zivieh, a civil activist from Saqqez, who was previously sentenced to 10 months in prison by the Revolutionary

The miscarriage of a female Kurdish political prisoner in Ilam prison

According to the report received by Hengaw Human Rights Organization, Maryam Haqg

The violent transfer of Soma Alizadeh, a Kurdish political prisoner, from Urmia prison to an unknown place

According to a report received by Hengaw, Soma Alizadeh, a political prisoner from Buk

Transferring an arrested woman from Bukan to Urmia Central Prison

A young woman from Bukan identified as Soma Alizadeh, 29, was transferred from the solitary confinement war

Execution of two female prisoners in Sanandaj and Urmia prisons

The death sentences of two women called Soheila Abedi from Bijar and Faranak Behes

Execution of three citizens including a woman in Yazd prison

​The death sentences of three citizens called Robab Danayi, Amir Ojaghi, and H

The mother of three girls was killed by her husband for not giving birth to a boy

A young woman identified as Goljamin Najafi, 46, from the Gahwareh district of Dalahu city in Kerma

Deliberate starvation of prisoners in the women’s ward of Urmia prison

Over the past few days, the food quota for prisoners in the women’s ward of Urmia Central Prison has been r

Report on the unclear legal status of Naske Esmaili, a Kurdish political prisoner in Sardasht

A woman from Sardasht identified as Naske Esmaili, 24, was arrested by the security forces about six

Darreh Shahr; A man killed himself after killing his wife and his sister-in-law

Yesterday, Saturday, July 2, 2022, a man killed his wife and sister-in-law in Derreh Shahr city of Ilam province and c

Report on the arrest of Setareh Zadhesht, a citizen from Marivan

A girl from Marivan identified as Setareh Zadhesht, 25, was transferred to Sanandaj Correctional Center about three weeks ago after comple

Imposing detention and imprisonment sentences for Zohreh Dousti, an activist from Sanandaj

An activist from Sanandaj identified as Zohreh Dousti, 40, was recently sentenced to

15:00Zahedan’s ‘Bloody Friday’: Death toll rises to 88
14:35RFS condemns murder of Nagihan Akarsel
14:32Sit-in protest for justice enters its 577th day
11:36Women of Shengal protest killing of Nagihan Akarsel
10:52KJAR: The killing of Nagihan Akarsel is an attack on the women’s struggle for freedom
10:15“Nagihan led women with her pen and resistance”
14:14Swedish politician cuts off her hair in solidarity with Iranian women
14:06Sit-in protest of Şenyaşar family enters its 576th day
13:48Afghan women: ‘I am also a Hazara woman’
11:36Kurdish people in Europe protest killing of Nagihan Akarsel
09:46Women protesting killing of Nagihan Akarsel in Amed face police blockade: We did not give up


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