#spanishrevolution. Plaza re-occupied.Victory!

May 27, 2011

All morning 1ooo’s and more 1000′ were gathering round the square. Now occupied by the ‘mossos’, Catalan riot police. But leaving intact one bit of the camp, isolated with about 200 people still demonstrating inside. This indicated the eviction was not to be total.

They would ONLY, steal or destroy most of the equipment, stalls, tents, etc (not the tree houses). ONLY controlling everything. Using the excuse to bring in cleaning lorries and clean the whole square, while the demonstrators pressed closer on all sides.

Finaly at 12.30 the convoy of cleaning lorries moved out, robbing all the equipment, and the police running behind, some firing rubber bullet guns in the air.

The multitudes rushed back into the square,. We were all jumping for joy, and with more desire than ever to continue.

Tomorrow the Barça spectacle. the police have asked us to self-evict due to the danger of ‘incidents’, but no one is moving, at least until the Assembly on Sunday. The main ‘giant screen’ has been moved from the Plaza to Arc de Triomf. But right next to the Plaza Camp

IS the sacred place to celebrate Barça victories(Canaletes).

Sé que la plaza de Lleida fue también desalojado pero no que pasó al final.

#spanishrevolution: Desalojo!Tod*s a la plaza Catalunya.Evicting now. Mani de 09.00.

 Barcerlona.. Evictiopn happening NOW with excuse of cleaning. Lorries loadiung material.. riot poilce . helicopters…

Eveyopne to the Plaza Now

[LH] Seguiment del desallotjament de plaça Catalunya

27 mai 2011
A quarts de set ha començat el desallotjament creant un cordó al voltant de la plaça que no permetia sortir ni entrar a la gent. Ara mateix hi ha unes 70 persones concentrades en cada sortida de la plaça.
Han arribat camions de BCN Neta i els mateixos treballadors estan netejant la plaça i carregant TOT el material a camions. Quan han volgut sortir algun dels camions, les ocncentrades els hi han impedit generant sentades al voltant dels camions. Els mossos d’esquadra han intentat dos cops aixecar a la gent que impedeix el pas dels camions, però l’escridassada que reben sembla que els tira enrere. Finalment hi hagut una petita carrega per deixar sortir el camió. Hi ha unes 70 persones concentrades a cada cantonada de la plaça cridant: La plaça està plena de pistolers! Llibertat d’expressió, policia NO! Ens toquen a una, ens toquen a totes!
Des del primer moment sobrevola un helicòpter sobre la plaça Catalunya, han trete el dispositiu de gala.
Hi ha més de trenta efectius dels mossos d’esquadra, entre furgones i cotxes, envoltant la plaça Catalunya mentre un cordó d’antiavalots encercla la plaça impedint el pas de qualsevol persona i evitant, a més, la visibilitat sobre les persones que es troben dins de la plaça. D’aquestes val a dir que s’han situat juntes al mig de la plaça i que estan mantenint una assemblea.
Alhora hi ha grups d’unes 50 persones a vàries entrades a la plaça Catalunya recolzant a les que han quedat dins del cordó de mossos, poc a poc va arribant molta gent.

Es crida a la movilització de la gent cap a Plaça Catalunya. A les 9.00 es convoca a una gran concentració a la plaça Catalunya.

Los Mossos d’Esquadra están desalojando plaza Catalunya, lugar donde estaba siendo la acampada de Barcelona. Es necesario que se movilice la gente y vayan a la plaza.

En cuanto tengamos más información, actualizaremos la noticia.

Turkey criminalizes union action


The Turkish government has filed criminal charges against 111 union leaders, members and supporters which carry prison terms of up to 5 years in connection with a 2010 demonstration in Ankara. The Ankara action was in support of 12,000 workers made redundant overnight following the privatization of

take the streets: outbreaks of revolutionary fervour

Barcelona. 26/5/2011 Day 12.

Today I have heard of at least four new squares being occupied in different  barrios (districts) of the city, with street assemblies of up to 800 people in Santa Coloma. There have also been outbreaks of ‘pot banging’ in inner city areas with people of all ages joining in. The central square of Plaza Catalunya is becoming a tent city, well organised with every imaginable activity and incredible adrenalin. When 3000 demonstrating students arrived this afternoon they couldn´t  physically fit in and the whole thing began ballooning out, while being photographed by stacks of tourists.

This is a real post not a cut and paste.

Barça change screen venue for #spanishrevolution

A giant screen for the Wembley European Cup Final has been moved from Plaza Catalunya to nearby Arc de Triomf to avoid any conflict as the square is still full of revolutionaries, and getting even fuller.

TAvatar_celebraciochampions_fb.png CEL·LEBREM LA VICTÒRIA DEL BARÇA

Estem fent història.
Mai més els barcelonins tornarem a veure la plaça Catalunya com era.
A partir d’ara tothom quan passi per plaça Catalunya veurà la plaça de #acmpadabcn, la plaça de les indignades.
Una plaça al cor de la bèstia que ens hem fet nostra, tant pel procés d’empoderament col·lectiu que s’està generant a través de les assemblees multitudinàries com per tot allò que dia a dia es va construint a través de la feina voluntària de milers de persones coordinades en comisions. Mai s’havia vist a Barcelona tanta solidaritat i suport mutu. Hem deixat de ser persones aïllades en les nostres vides individuals per prendre les places com a espais de trobada. S’està tornant a discutir de política en petites àgores creades espontàniament a diferents racons de la plaça, així com als bars, botigues, centres mèdics, escoles… Tot això és quelcom del que ens hauriem de sentir orgulloses i que hauriem de defensar.

CSOA Revoltosa desallotjament./eviction resistance.

[Revoltosa] data límit pel desallotjament

per CSOA la Revoltosa
Avui, dia 25 de maig, encara no s’ha fet efectiu el desallotjament, però davant l’imminent situació:
des del Centre Social la Revoltosa plantejem la situació per a convocar a una concentració massiva davant el CSOA quan s’avisi de l’aparició dels mossos d’esquadra per mostrar el nostre rebuig al desallotjament. Aquest avís s’efectuarà via sms i internet.

The occupied  self managed social center ‘La Revoltosa’ is overdue for eviction and calls for a massive demo when the police appear

26 mai 2011

A Dark Day for Brazil’s Amazon Jungle

Dark Day for Brazil’s Amazon Jungle
By Fabiana Frayssinet

RIO DE JANEIRO, May 25, 2011 (IPS) – The same day that the lower house of the Brazilian Congress approved a reform of the forestry code that would make it easier to clear land in the Amazon jungle for agriculture, a husband and wife team of activists who spent years fighting illegal deforestation in the rainforest were murdered.

After several delays, the revised forest code was approved by the Chamber of Deputies late Tuesday, by a vote of 410 to 63, with one abstention.

Introduced by Communist Party lawmaker Aldo Rebelo, the reform of the 1965 forestry code is, in the view of environmentalists, the first major defeat for President Dilma Rousseff, as the parties allied with her left-wing Workers’ Party did not vote in a bloc with it on this question.

“This vote represents the biggest setback to Brazil’s environmental legislation in decades,” Raul Silva Telles do Valle, assistant coordinator of the Socioenvironmental Institute, told IPS.

“It’s a law that looks to the past, not the future,” WWF-Brazil’s conservation director Carlos Alberto de Mattos Scaramuzza told IPS.



take the streets. Invitation From Spain.

”there’s a mini revolution going on in the square!  they’ve been there ten days or more, I  helped plant tomatoes, had a free haircut, free food.. it’s all money free, and slept with 700 people Tuesday under the stars…….

May 25, 2011 at 4:16am With this mail we want to animate others to organize more sit-ins outside of Barcelona, around the world, which will be organized by you. We propose not to target on the Spanish embassies in your countries, also because the Spanish press practically does not cover those actions.

Our proposal is that you join in with your local struggle, to occupy the central places of your city while following the model of organization used during the Arab revolutions (and Spaniards), which means connecting with groups and local organizations and organize a sit-in in the main squares, to work in commissions and to write up your own documents (manifest, calls, proposals, minutes of meetings, etc). To make it public, spread it, use the internet networks to expand your message and to self-manage.

What is happening in different Spanish cities is not accidental nor specific of our society, we fight to recover our dignity, our freedom and our social rights, for direct democracy where we can participate in the course of our lives. We are a spontaneous and independent network, we don’t need leaders thus we offer that you will organize independently, according to what is possible and relevant in your area. We would like that everywhere people will take the streets, but in each place people will think themselves on the local alternatives to the capitalist and cruel world to which our governments are ‘leading’ us and the whole planet.

For us the borders do not exist, the network is ours and the street also! Another world is possible now! More concretely, we propose to you that you squat in your city during the next days of THURSDAY AND FRIDAY 26 AND 27 OF MAY to take advantage of the international days of mobilization against the G8 against the world-wide oligarchy, we invite you to take the street and to establish si-ins in sufficiently big places which will receive a consequent infrastructure that allow you to work and to mobilize in the best conditions.

These two days and their nights could be the beginning of a long global struggle of the Indignados, please add your sit-in to the world-wide map of: http://www.thetechnoant.info/campmap/ We use the social networks to coordinate and to maintain informed. We encourage you to create an international commission to communicate with us, to share materials and strategies of organization in the Web n-1.cc to look for the group https://n-1.cc/pg/groups/104127/take-the-square-international and open a space with your location.

In that link you will find a guide. In the chat (http://ur1.ca/48ogs) you can contact with us and others sit-ins simultaneously or to contact us by e-mail comisiointernacional@gmail.com. Our content commissions is working on a document which formulate the very elaborated agreements which are agreed on in the general assembly.

The document is available on web http://acampadabcn.wordpress.com/ Take the street! Real Democracy Now! Hugs, International Networks of the International Commission of the Barcelona Camp Barcelona Information: #acampadabcn http://acampadabcn.wordpress.com/ e-mail general: acampadabcn@yahoo.es Internacional commission – Barcelona Camp: https://n-1.cc/pg/groups/103405/akbcn_int/ e-mail international commission: comisiointernacional@gmail.com Internacional coordination: http://www.thetechnoant.info/campmap/ e-lists: https://lists.takethesquare.net/mailman/listinfo/cominterm https://n-1.cc/pg/groups/104127/take-the-square-international/ Chat irc.freenode.net # takethesquare http://ur1.ca/48ogs

Brazil: Forest Law passed by fascist landlords..Amazon defenders killed.

Câmara aprova Código Florestal

The Folha de Sao Paolo reports the passing of the forest law, pushed through today by powerful extreme right landlords, headed oddly by  populist communist Aldo.-

No details of final version given .

No mention of the amnesty for previous forest crimes which, imposed by the fascist landlords, now make ALL LAWS in the Amazon a laughing stock, and have caused a 6 fold increase already in the criminal destruction of our world heritage.

The influential Folha da Sao Paolo also fails to mention the murder of  the pro Amazon activist José Claudio Ribeira da Silva and his wife Maria, at least on their front pages of the digital edition , even though the police have attributed it to the loggers mafia, especially as their ears were cut off. Another terrorist murder, but one which will be celebrated by mining, logging and ranching companies.

This goes together with the signing of contracts for BP to extract deep sea oil, and the go ahead for the Belo Monte dam.

aybe the terrorists were celebrating the coming Forest Law.


Após semanas de embate, negociações e troca de acusações, a Câmara dos Deputados aprovou ontem o texto da reforma do Código Florestal com alterações que significaram uma derrota para o governo.

Uma emenda aprovada por 273 votos a 182 rachou a base do governo levando os principais partidos governistas, PT e PMDB, para lados opostos. O texto da emenda consolida a manutenção de atividades agrícolas nas APPs (áreas de preservação permanente), autoriza os Estados a participarem da regularização ambiental e deixa claro a anistia para os desmates ocorridos até junho de 2008.

O líder do governo, Cândido Vaccarezza (PT-SP), chegou a falar, em nome da presidente Dilma Rousseff, que a aprovação da emenda seria “uma vergonha”.

Dilma recebe ex-ministros que são contra texto de lei florestal
Relator do Código Florestal critica ex-ministros de Meio Ambiente
Impasse regimental impede votação do Código Florestal, diz Rebelo
Governo cede para votar nova lei florestal

read more here


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