Hero judge hits top Banker Rato with 800m euro Bond

Bankers, politicians, royalty.. they’re all swilling public money together, yet another scandal today the Finance minister Montoro was caught selling off 1000 evicted flats of Bankia to a Miami based vulture fund. see here:rato-bankiaRodrigo Rato

Woman suicides before debt eviction. Demos..

Another capitalist murder : A woman commits suicide in Barakaldo when they were coming to evict her home .

A 53 year old woman has died in Barakaldo after throwing herself out the window when a judicial commission would proceed to eviction her home, according to Europa Press.

Apparently, she was perched on a chair and was threw herself into space from the fourth floor of the building and died on the spot.

The government spokesman Lakua, Idoia Mendia, has reported that the deceased is Amaia Egaña, wife of PSE Barakaldo, ex counsellor Jose Manuel Asensio, who has been treated at the scene by psychologists. The victim lived at the home with her husband and son, 21 years old.

Protest Demonstrations

‘Stop Evictions’ of Biscay have called a concentration at 21.00 at night outside the home.. In Donostia, the protest will take place at 19.00 in the Boulevard.
The association Berri-Otxoak has organized a demonstration at 1930, that depart from the Court of Barakaldo. Continue reading “Woman suicides before debt eviction. Demos..”

Bankia occupied after Debt Suicides

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Standoff at Bankia

In #globalrevolution, Sol on 26 October 2012 at 19:24

Dear people,….  After Bankia’s refusal to negotiate, the campers took action. At one o’ clock in the afternoon they occupied the Bankia franchise in Alcalà 1, at the corner of Puerta del Sol.

Police went in after them and sealed off the entrance against sympathisers and press who assembled outside.

The occupiers demanded an end to the evictions, and the right to for those at risk of eviction to stay in their houses, paying a social rent. Continue reading “Bankia occupied after Debt Suicides”

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