These aren’t just ‘Crimes’…It’s Patriarchy

5 deaths from Macho Violence in Spain in a Single Day

These are not ordinary events or isolated facts, it is a system that perpetuates domination over women. It’s patriarchy.strong womenPatriarchy is…. giving the boys balls and dolls to us girls to educate us to be submissive and silent, to teach that there are things for women and men.. it’s just to look at the body of a woman when she doesn’t want it, then to treat you as exaggerated or hysterical, to harass verbally, to insist on violence and ultimately death. This and much more is all patriarchy. That men have more leisure time than women, that men don’t help at home, as we are delegated to the care of children and elderly, that women are paid less for doing the same job, that we are afraid to walk down the street, having been harassed since childhood … Continue reading “These aren’t just ‘Crimes’…It’s Patriarchy”

Patriarch demands 7 years jail for Pussy riot

Russian Patriarch Kirill demands 7 years for song in church. Kirill is leading a crusade to maintain mental and often physical slavery of women, openly classing any protests as anti-Christian and female protestors as whores and liars.

Russian punk band were doing devil’s work, says leader of Orthodox church

Patriarch Kirill condemns calls for leniency after Pussy Riot performed unsanctioned show in Moscow’s main cathedral

Three members of the band have already spent 6 months in prison for just playing an anti-Putin song in the church.

Kirill, known for his barbaric, sexist and openly corrupt behaviour, demanded they get 7 years in prison.

A feminist punk band who staged an unsanctioned performance in Moscow’s principal cathedral were doing the work of the devil, according to the head of the Russian Orthodox church. Continue reading “Patriarch demands 7 years jail for Pussy riot”

Indomables. Una historia de mujeres libres (trailer).mp4

A mediados de Mayo de 1936 aparecía el primer número de la revista Mujeres Libres.

Un año después, en Agosto de 1937, se celebraba en Valencia el primer congreso estatal de la Federación Nacional de Mujeres Libres, una organización feminista de corte anarquista que tenía como objetivo que las mujeres se liberasen por ellas mismas de la cruel servidumbre de la ignorancia.

 Trailer de la pelicula que presentaremel proper dia 17al centre civic del pla de Palau de Girona. Continue reading “Indomables. Una historia de mujeres libres (trailer).mp4”

macho Spain:81 mujeres muertos/ 81 women killed by sexists

anti patriarchy demo

25-N 2011: Que no nos cuenten cuentos. El patriarcado mata

25th Nov.: Don’t tell us Fairy Tales. Patrarchy kills.

Un año más, la cifra de mujeres asesinadas por la violencia machista ha sido espeluznante: 67 mujeres y 14 personas relacionadas con ellas: hijxs, hermanxs, amigxs…Seguramente, cuando estés leyendo esto, haya alguna mujer más muerta.

 For yet another year the figures for women murdered by sexist violence have been horrific. 67 women and 14 related to them: daughters, sisters, girlfriends..Surely just as you’re reading this there’s another woman being killed.Ninguna persona esta a salvo cuando tiene lugar este tipo de agresión. A pesar de que la violencia que mata es escandalosa, consideramos que hay otros tipos de violencia más sutiles y, a veces, completamente invisibles a los ojos de la sociedad, que siguen perpetuando el sistema patriarcal y que impiden nuestra evolución como mujeres libres.…Secretaría de la Mujer CGT

 Nobody is safe when this type of violence takes place. Even though violence that kills is a scandal, there are other types of violence more subtle and sometimes invisible to the eyes of society, which continues to perpetuate the patriarchal system and which blocks our evolution as free women.
Womens´secretary CGT (anarchist union)



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