Do we still need Feminism?..Of COURSE, it’s a Way of Life!

Do we still need feminism?

by Teresa Mollá Castells *Friday, January 25, 2013 (en español abajo)
Of course we do! For me it’s a way of life  not just demanding equal rights . Because it sees that power and authority are not the same thing, because it seeks horizontal human relations . Because it treats people NOT as objects and restores integrity and dignity ...Source:  Cimac, with thanksfeminism is a way oif life

This week someone asked me if feminism was still needed in the times in which we live. I’ve heard he arguments to justify not needing feminism in today’s society not thousands, but maybe millions of times, here are some of them: Continue reading “Do we still need Feminism?..Of COURSE, it’s a Way of Life!”

macho Spain:81 mujeres muertos/ 81 women killed by sexists

anti patriarchy demo

25-N 2011: Que no nos cuenten cuentos. El patriarcado mata

25th Nov.: Don’t tell us Fairy Tales. Patrarchy kills.

Un año más, la cifra de mujeres asesinadas por la violencia machista ha sido espeluznante: 67 mujeres y 14 personas relacionadas con ellas: hijxs, hermanxs, amigxs…Seguramente, cuando estés leyendo esto, haya alguna mujer más muerta.

 For yet another year the figures for women murdered by sexist violence have been horrific. 67 women and 14 related to them: daughters, sisters, girlfriends..Surely just as you’re reading this there’s another woman being killed.Ninguna persona esta a salvo cuando tiene lugar este tipo de agresión. A pesar de que la violencia que mata es escandalosa, consideramos que hay otros tipos de violencia más sutiles y, a veces, completamente invisibles a los ojos de la sociedad, que siguen perpetuando el sistema patriarcal y que impiden nuestra evolución como mujeres libres.…Secretaría de la Mujer CGT

 Nobody is safe when this type of violence takes place. Even though violence that kills is a scandal, there are other types of violence more subtle and sometimes invisible to the eyes of society, which continues to perpetuate the patriarchal system and which blocks our evolution as free women.
Womens´secretary CGT (anarchist union)



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