Aboriginal Australian genocide, online map of massacres

The full interactive map can be viewed at mstar.link/AusMassacres. tab maps

Australia: ‘No pride in genocide’ – 50,000 marched in Melbourne for ‘Invasion Day’, commemorating the colonisation of Australia by the British and the subsequent loss of the continent’s indigenous culture.

By Ben Chacko       AN ONLINE map detailing the genocide of Aboriginal Australians by white settlers has been launched.

The tool, developed by researchers at the University of Newcastle, New South Wales, records more than 150 massacres, specifying the sites where killings took place, how many people were murdered, what weapons were used to kill them and who was responsible.Image result for amazing proud australian aboriginal kids

Professor Lyndall Ryan, who developed the resource, said: “Most massacres took place in secret and were designed not to be discovered, so finding evidence of them is a major challenge.” Continue reading “Aboriginal Australian genocide, online map of massacres”

Ferrovial acusado de Crimenes contra la Humanidad en Nauru y Manus

Los directores de la empresa española podría enfrentarse a cargos de “crímenes contra la humanidad para su ‘gestión brutal’ de de los ‘presos políticos’ de Australia

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ferrovial en NauruA pesar de su compromiso con causas progresistas ahora sale que Ferrovial está metido en el cruel negocio de gestionar la detención indefinida de personas ‘secuestradas’ en alta mar y que soliciten asilo en Australia.

Hay documentados 300 casos de niños que cometen o amenazan la autolesión, 67 casos de abuso infantil, 33 casos de violación o asalto sexual de los solicitantes de asilo, 200 casos de asalto y 30 casos de abuso contra el personal de Australia – y eso es sólo en Nauru.

Expertos legales han aconsejado Ferrovial, la multinacional española, que podría ser procesados también por crímenes contra la humanidad ” para su gestión en alta mar de refugiados y solicitantes de asilo en los centros de detención de Australia en las islas de Nauru y Manus (Papúa Nueva Guinea  PNG). Continue reading “Ferrovial acusado de Crimenes contra la Humanidad en Nauru y Manus”

Honey Possums mothers Choose when to Give Birth

Honey Possums can hang from their tails while sucking nectar and eating pollen, they are the hummingbirds of the pouched marsupial world.

honey possums stick out their long tongues 4 times a second
honey possums stick out their long tongues 4 times a second

Female honey possums are totally promiscuous, which helps a healthy genetic mix. The boys are much smaller than the females but boast the largest testes of any mammal on the planet, relative to their body size, of course.

It seems the female honeys prefer having sex with the male honeys who have the biggest hairy balls. Continue reading “Honey Possums mothers Choose when to Give Birth”

The War On Terra: Canada vs. Australia

silent-war-by-terra-firmaA Fresh Look At The War On Terra


I don’t know about you, but I’m having a crappy day. Not much to be done about it now but hang in there, I know it will get better. In the meantime, here’s The Juice Media’s satirical take on the War on Terror Terra: how have the “capitols of the civilized world” Australia and Canada helped to bring about the apocalypse lately?

Juice Rap News – Episode 17: The War on Terra. It’s 2013 and the world did not end by meteorite or by Mayan calendar. But fear not: we might just be able to get the job done ourselves. Join Robert Foster as he sets out to discover where Civilisation™ is making the fastest progress towards annihilation. In this edition of the Civilisation Report, Robert learns about Australia and Canada – two oft-neglected pioneers of peace, progress and prosperity – in conversation with our antipodean colonial correspondent Ken Oathcarn and his Canuck counterpart, Fagin Heighbard. Dear viewers, consider this a fair warning that in terms of language and affront to the dominant culture this could get f***g messy.

And speaking of using humour to address the dismal situation we find ourselves in as a species (not to mention my crappy day), head over to HolyShitters.com, created by “John Crapper”, with a byline that says: If we really want to straighten out all this crap we really need to think about shit.  Hear, hear!

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