To end Ecocide we must stop Femicide: Berta’s memory and the Struggle Go On.

by Camila Rolando Mazzuca & Brototi Roy    at the Ecologist,  ..  shared with thanks  ..  3rd March, 2017hq720-1

Berta Caceres’ murder and its perpetrators’ non-penalization is not an isolated case, but one among numerous environmental activists across the world whose murders go unpunished. Picture credit:

 March 8 is World Women Day, but today (March 3) there’s another good reason to reflect on the role of women in society, write CAMILLA ROLANDO MAZZUCA & BROTOTI ROY. On this day last year the awarded environmental activist Berta Caceres was killed

Lack of governmental investigation, police or military complicity and increasing criminalization of social protest are some of the numerous common features of today’s environmental justice conflicts from all over the world. Continue reading “To end Ecocide we must stop Femicide: Berta’s memory and the Struggle Go On.”

Berta Cáceres . contrainfos video homage. Fight with Joy


Laughter filled the little room and floated out into the dirt courtyard of the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH) office. Bertha Isabel Cáceres Flores and another longtime COPINH organizer were regaling me with tales of all the pranks he had pulled on her over the years.

One time he slipped an empty crab shell left over from someone’s soup into the front pocket of her laptop case for her to find when she reached in to get the mouse. That particular prank didn’t turn out as intended, which somehow made it that much more hilarious. She didn’t use the mouse anytime soon, and ended up wondering where the funky smell was coming from. Another time, when they were hiking in the mountains to get to a community affiliated with COPINH, he carefully slipped rocks into her backpack one by one along the way until she finally realized that it wasn’t just a sensation. Her backpack really was heavier.

video by Contrainfos group ”in homage to Berta we must save the rivers”

When I heard that Bertha had been killed, that laughter-filled conversation was the first memory to come rushing back. It was followed by other memories from a decade ago, during the four and a half years I lived in Bertha’s hometown of La Esperanza, Intibucá.

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