The new EU copyright law to ban free speech …Improvise, Adapt and Overcome!

peacekeeper3173 14 points · 16 hours ago EU: shit they outsmarted us lets activate article 69 destroy all memers  … redditors from EU: uhh whatever ..we will, improvise, adapt and overcome

New EU copyright law closes the book on free speech online. That’s a feature, not a bug.

Posted by Lou on March 26, 2019 pn RT     The controversial copyright law passed in the EU parliament is less about copyright than it is about hammering a final nail in the coffin of the freedoms the internet once promised. Yes, Article 13 is that bad.

Most laws address themselves toward tangible, human-sized problems. Article 13, the sweeping European copyright legislation that proposes to filter all content on its way to the web to ensure no rights are being violated, isn’t interested in such prosaic stuff. It seeks to defy the Second Law ofThermodynamics.

Physics? In my internet? The web operates according to the laws of entropy. It trends toward decentralization – of ideas, of social groups, but most importantly of power.

Authority looks at this delightful disorder and sees only malevolent chaos that needs to be reined in. Legislators and the corporations that run their countries have spent a lot of time brainstorming on how to put the cat back in the bag, and Article 13 is the result.

This is not just a European problem. Like a catastrophic nuclear meltdown, there is no containing the fallout from this kind of measure, designed to effectively destroy the internet as we know it.

Companies and platforms may start by leaving Europe, or refusing to serve European customers, but the internet has no borders, and the big platforms will embrace whatever filters are required to maintain their hold on their users – no matter what country they inhabit.

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6 Ways to Foil FACE CONTROL now Coming to your Barrio


Facial Recognition tech already exists and is rapidly spreading worldwide. CCTV cameras are already ubiquitous and just need to be hooked up to programs that instantly analyse and compare with millions of database photos often harvested from social media.What can your face say about you?

ced31a0c8dcded1733c077746b0f60b0Face recognition technology can pick our ID from hundreds of millions and link to all aspects of our lives

Another step in total social control and personal marketing.. But there are lots of fun ways to block, deceive, avoid or simply smash this fabulous technology.. below we list a few..

The state of New York has privately asked surveillance companies to pitch a vast camera system that would scan and identify people who drive in and out of New York City, according to a December memo obtained by Vocativ. As big brother tactics continue to creep quietly into Americans’ everyday lives, here are six ways to dodge biometric verification

New York City wouldn’t be the first in the U.S. to have a network of facial recognition cameras for law enforcement. In 2013, for instance, the Los Angeles Police Department admitted it had deployed 16 cameras equipped with face recognition software, designed to search for particular suspects.


6 Ways to Dodge FACE CONTROL

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Banks sell your info to Police.. Smash a Cam kids

 Notes on the latest police spying systems in the US.. which we can be SURE are being copied

by paranoid States around the globe.    reblogged from SSG Joe Biggs

smash a cam competition

LPR (License Plate Reading) Systems are growing in police departments across the country at an alarming rate.

But did you know banks are tracking ATM customers and storing that data for police use as well?

This has serious Big Brother implications.

Every day, more and more companies are intruding into their customers’ private lives in order to profit from their personal data.

America is turning into a giant surveillance prison as privacy is being systematically destroyed by the state-corporate nexus.



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