Police Drones.. Coming Soon to Your Barrio

0202125..’it’s only a matter of time until we have Police Drones filming us 24 hours a day”

Illinois Police Get Approval for Drone Use (just don’t call them drones ok?)

By on 05/12/2015 Americas, USA

If it looks like a drone and smells like a drone, it’s a drone. The Illinois State Police was recently granted permission by the  Federal Aviation Administration to use drones. But the police department clearly senses the PR nightmare over their use, because it’s trying very hard not to call a drone a drone.cop drones

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Jeremy Hammond in jail: they can never take away our principles.. our passions

by Seth Wenig/AP  from       with thanks and more pics

Exclusive: For hacker Jeremy Hammond, prison is a temporary inconvenience

Free Jeremy Hammond

The political activist and Anonymous hacker has big plans after his release from prison, scheduled for 2020

August 6, 2014 1:00PM ET

by Lori Jane Gliha @ljgliha

panther%2520abcMANCHESTER, Ky. – Dozens of websites – many belonging to law enforcement organizations – escaped planned destruction and defacement when the FBI arrested high-profile hacker Jeremy Hammond in 2012.

“I was at the peak of my work,” Hammond told America Tonight from a medium-security, federal prison facility in Kentucky. “It’s a shame I got caught when I did.”

The political activist and computer whiz said he had already breached dozens of vulnerable websites and was “halfway finished” with preparations for a full-fledged cyberattack when federal authorities disrupted his plans. He said he was going to launch new online attacks every week. Most of his targets never even knew they were his would-be victims.

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Banks sell your info to Police.. Smash a Cam kids

 Notes on the latest police spying systems in the US.. which we can be SURE are being copied

by paranoid States around the globe.    reblogged from SSG Joe Biggs  Infowars.com

smash a cam competition

LPR (License Plate Reading) Systems are growing in police departments across the country at an alarming rate.

But did you know banks are tracking ATM customers and storing that data for police use as well?

This has serious Big Brother implications.

Every day, more and more companies are intruding into their customers’ private lives in order to profit from their personal data.

America is turning into a giant surveillance prison as privacy is being systematically destroyed by the state-corporate nexus.



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