The prosecution requested five years in prison for a campaign of boycott El Corte Ingles….
translated mostly from post below by Jesus Rodriquez, with thanks.

 The prosecution requested five years prison each for a boycott campaign of  the dept. store chain El Corte Inglés, which are upmarket stores histrorically controlled by far right anti-union commercial interests.

The three militants of the CNT Barcelona are accused of crimes of obstruction of justice and coercion in a boycott campaign started in the fall of 2015, which was in solidarity against the trial of two anarchists for picketing incidents at one of the stores back in the general strike of 29 March 2012.

The boycott was a success and the original 3 picketers were cleared, but then 24 people were accused of the Boycott, now reduced to only three, but demanding long sentences.   Continue reading “The prosecution requested five years in prison for a campaign of boycott El Corte Ingles”

Venezuelans organise Barter 2.0 to Survive the Economic War, avoid Inflation and Tax.

barter-takes-off-in-venezuelaby Nazareth Balbás via RT

Social networks have become the ally of the family economy of Venezuelans against rising prices. Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp work groups work as exchange sites for necessities: no money, no speculation.

The first surprise is the offer: varied, uneven, abundant. Second, the number of groups in the world. The third thing is that escapes public or private control.

Barter has become the new alternative for Venezuelans suffering the ravages of the economic war. The system, which has existed since time immemorial, gaining strength in the South American country with unique features is strongly mediated by social networks.porteo

Falling oil prices since last year has resulted in shortages of foreign exchange for the mono-exporting country. This along with the long campaign of boycott and sabotage from the USA, and the determined resistance of the deposed oligarchy articulated through the upper middle class, has led to hyperinflation and economic disaster. Continue reading “Venezuelans organise Barter 2.0 to Survive the Economic War, avoid Inflation and Tax.”

Boycott Repsol petroleum: stop the Black Death

Repsol in Spain opens the era of dirty oil in the

European Union

boicot Repsol

” In 2012 the government revived Spanish oil company Repsol’s permit from 2001 to explore for oil in the Canary Islands, which had been cancelled in 2004 by the supreme court after legal challenges…destroy repsol whaleThe move prompted outrage from environmentalists and locals and the Canariees government who had previously fought the plans. Late last month, an blatantly fudged ”environmental review” handed Repsol the green light from Madrid to proceed with its exploration off Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, both popular holiday destinations.  (continued below)… Continue reading “Boycott Repsol petroleum: stop the Black Death”

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