Because there’s no other solution .. recipe for Social Revolution!

‘The police are actually a tiny minority’ Greece 2011

Statement by members of The Alternative – Alternative Red and Green in La Mancha … July 27, 2012

The crisis not only continues but deepens, it becomes worse every day. And there is no escape from capitalism, because this system is in terminal crisis. Just look how governments (all, then and now) do not know what to do, how they lie every day saying that in a few months or years we will see how the cycle changes . But all we’ve seen is sinking living conditions, and the consequences paid by the vast majority. Our lives deteriorate and we lose the social gains that cost us so many struggles. And which we paid for with our work and our taxes, because power has given us nothing. Continue reading “Because there’s no other solution .. recipe for Social Revolution!”

Haitians oppressed to be robbed again in gold rush

Haitians to be robbed in gold rush

Capitalists ready to steal last resources from already deprived .US and Canadian companies have bribed politicians to access the precious metal, with zero environmental control, many locals are worried about their livelihoods.. only 2% will stay in Haiti, to be divided among corrupt officials..already neighbouring Domincan Republic is being devastated by giant open cast gold mines…

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Haiti: The soul of Africa, not for sale

By Ezili Dantò, May 18, 2012, for the FreeHaitiMovement

Chalermangne Peralte, assassinated by US Marines during the first U.S. occupation and then nailed to a door (Source: The Crucifixion of Emmanuel Drèd Wilmè during second US occupation of Haiti, April, 2005)


May 18, 2012 marks Haiti’s 209th flag day. The first Haitian flag lifting up Haiti’s independence was on May 18,1803 at Arcahaie. Those of us with conscience will spend the day exposing the Haitians helping in the imperial exploitation of Haiti and defending Haiti against this brutal US re-colonization. (See video, We would rather die standing; Hear Prof. Bayyinah Bello explain history of Haiti flag– Ezili’s May 18th Kreyòl feature.) Continue reading “Haitians oppressed to be robbed again in gold rush”

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