11 evicted from Vueling’s Senegal flight in bid to stop Deportation.. Hunger Strikes in Immigrant Prison oppose Flights..

11 passengers were finally evicted from a Vueling flight after refusing to sit down in a failed attempt to stop the deportation of a handcuffed Senegalese immigrant on the same flight.

“When I looked into the eyes of the deported boy, it became clear to me that humanity had to prevail over legality” said one of them. The passengers are demanding new tickets and that no charges be made against them. the previous Saturday there was a similar incident.

In a separate development anti deportation activists have published the above poster to alert supporters about a deportation flight to Guinea Conakry on July 24th 2017.

The Spanish State has bought agreements with most north african states to accept entry of poor and undocumented black deportees.

The Foreigners Internment Prison in Barcelona where incarcerated innocent immigrants are holding hunger strikes to protest conditions and the planned deportation flight of July 24th 2017

The publication of this poster has sparked sporadic hunger strikes and protests by over 40 prisoners inside the Internment Center in Barcelona where hundreds of immigrants, mainly with no previous convictions are imprisoned awaiting deportation. Continue reading “11 evicted from Vueling’s Senegal flight in bid to stop Deportation.. Hunger Strikes in Immigrant Prison oppose Flights..”

UK Activists Block Runway, close Stanstead Airport and Stop Mass Deportation

United Kingdom: Activists Blockade Mass Deportation Flight.. 17  arrests

Police have arrested 17 anti-deportation protesters who locked themselves to an aircraft at Stansted airport, preventing a charter flight due to remove asylum seekers and other migrants from the UK from taking off.

The protesters locked themselves to the wing of a Titan Airways flight and refused to move.  All 17 protesters involved with the action have been arrested on suspicion of aggravated trespass and are now in police custody.

Essex police said they had received reports that a group of protesters gained access to Stansted airport’s airside at about 9.30pm on Tuesday night. A spokesman said: “We were contacted by Stansted airport after protesters entered and locked themselves on to an aircraft destined for Nigeria. Officers remain at the scene to carry out further investigations. Inquiries are ongoing.”

Campaigners said the protest was to stop a Home Office “mass deportation charter flight” from the Essex airport to Nigeria and Ghana. They said that deportees on the flight included people who feared for their lives and had claimed asylum…… Continue reading “UK Activists Block Runway, close Stanstead Airport and Stop Mass Deportation”

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