Barcelona: Defending l’Agora occupied Community Site against Fierce Speculation

 ‘Ágora Juan Andrés’ is an amazing self-run occupied area in the old Raval area where all kinds of activities take place. It’s been going since Oct 2014 and is named in memory of Juan Andres, a local man who was beaten to death by the police in the street.

Manifesto:  l’Àgora must stay in the neighborhood

Defend an occupied green space for the neighborhood!
Speculation threatens us!
The Raval is not for sale!Image result for manifest l'agora amenecat per desahucio

On Wednesday, June 6, the occupied community site ‘Ágora Juan Andrés’ was notified of a claim by the company ‘Triquell y García SL’ against the “unknown occupants” of the plot requesting the eviction of the space and compensation of 20,000 Euros . We went to the Court nº 3  to defend ourselves against their accusations .

Surprisingly, the company is the same that lost the property in June 2007, having 3 pending mortgages as well as 2 procedures for seizure by the Public Treasury and the Town Hall of Barcelona. The site became the property of the SAREB bank but now Triquell y García SL is back as a claimant and owner. Continue reading “Barcelona: Defending l’Agora occupied Community Site against Fierce Speculation”

Anarchist Lighthouse shines for 30 years in Barcelona’s Raval

  summarized translation  en catalá abaix.    “Those who have known and lived with El Lokal, see it as a beacon for social movements in the city, a center of constant social and political unrest; a space for training, debate, organization and  coordination of local and international  struggles. Always ready, always on the ball.

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Last Sunday we celebrated its 30th birthday at the adjacent  ‘Agora Juan Andrés Benítez’ occupied space, which is named in  memory of a neighbor killed by the Mossos local police in 2013- with a debate that brought together some of the anarchist and autonomous struggles of today. Continue reading “Anarchist Lighthouse shines for 30 years in Barcelona’s Raval”

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