15M: outrage to mass rebellion: towards the Revolution!

maxresdefault‘From outrage to rebellion’, thousands of people take to the streets on the second anniversary of the 15-M
by Kaos.
The 15-M movement
is very much alive on the second anniversary of his birth ,in that has held marches in Madrid and another 20 Spanish cities under the motto “From outrage to rebellion: ‘Escrache’ the system ‘.
Follow it live on TV 
http://www.tomalatele.tv/web/?p=6715  y  http://bit.ly/Qa6Yv0t (the stream at the foot of the note)

Not only to commemorate his birthday, but to denounce the problems that the May 15, 2011 led to the so-called ‘indignados’ camps in dozens of Spanish cities are still present today. As usual in this movement, its philosophy that the street is of citizens leads them to not communicate officially to the authorities these marches, which will continue throughout the month of May. Continue reading “15M: outrage to mass rebellion: towards the Revolution!”

Corrupt Spanish Congress surrounded during Budget ‘Debate’


The 25-Sept demonstrators are  now hanging their proposals on the police fences surrounding Comgress.
At 18:00 hours there began, close to Congress, two Assembly meetings called by the ‘Coordinadora 25-S’ to discuss the accounts of 2013, cuts, debt and the constitutional process.

At 21:00 hours, there is a new call to “encircle” the Parliament

Image of one of the meetingsin the square of Neptune in Madrid. E.MURIEL

From this afternoon opens a new week of demonstrations called by the Coordinating Group 25-S-centered on rejection of the State Budget for 2013, which is currently being debated in Parliament, and been baptized by organizers as “the Debt Budget “.

At 18:00  two parallel meetings  began in Madrid’s Plaza de Neptuno to discuss, first,  the accounts, and debt cuts and secondly,  the “constitutional process”. During these meetings people drafted a series of texts to be hung symbolically on police fences. Finally, at 21.00, the protesters “surround” Congress and will remain there until MPs leave the building. Continue reading “Corrupt Spanish Congress surrounded during Budget ‘Debate’”

NOSALTRES: Brilliant anti-repression video (English subs. Barcelona15Mbcn.tv)

now also with ENGLISH subtitles



Felip Puig, psicópata, locks down Barcelona

Felip Puig: the psychopath who keeps Barcelona on lock-down

by Carlos Delclós on May 4, 2012

Post image for Felip Puig: the psychopath who keeps Barcelona on lock-downWith Barcelona on lock-down over a European Central Bank meeting, the Minister of the Interior of Catalonia is making a name for himself as a tyrant. Continue reading “Felip Puig, psicópata, locks down Barcelona”
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