15M: outrage to mass rebellion: towards the Revolution!

maxresdefault‘From outrage to rebellion’, thousands of people take to the streets on the second anniversary of the 15-M
by Kaos.
The 15-M movement
is very much alive on the second anniversary of his birth ,in that has held marches in Madrid and another 20 Spanish cities under the motto “From outrage to rebellion: ‘Escrache’ the system ‘.
Follow it live on TV 
http://www.tomalatele.tv/web/?p=6715  y  http://bit.ly/Qa6Yv0t (the stream at the foot of the note)

Not only to commemorate his birthday, but to denounce the problems that the May 15, 2011 led to the so-called ‘indignados’ camps in dozens of Spanish cities are still present today. As usual in this movement, its philosophy that the street is of citizens leads them to not communicate officially to the authorities these marches, which will continue throughout the month of May. Continue reading “15M: outrage to mass rebellion: towards the Revolution!”

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