Millions demand Abolition of fascist appointed Spanish Monarchy

Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Spain on Saturday to demand a referendum to abolish Spain’s monarchy, just days after King Juan Carlos abdicated in favor of his son.“Spain, tomorrow, will be republican,” they chanted, waving the red, purple and gold flags of the country’s second republic, proclaimed in 1931 then overthrown eight years later by Gen. Francisco Franco at the end of the country’s catastrophic civil war.

It was only a few hours after the 76-year-old king announced his abdication on June 2 that a wave of protests drawing hundreds of thousands spread across the country.

On Saturday tens of thousands or more people from dozens of left-wing political parties and citizens organizations came together to demand “a referendum now” on the future of the monarchy.



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Sack The King: Disabled Kids Fund looted by Royals

King Joan Carlos, sacked as president of WWF for hiunting elephants, may soon be sacked as King for blatant family Corruption
King Juan Carlos, sacked as president of WWF for hunting elephants, may soon be sacked as King for blatant family Corruption

Pressure is mounting as various protest groups and political parties add to the calls for the abdication of the Spanish King, and the creation of a Republic with a new Constitution.

The latest scandal is that Urdangarin, son in law and protegée of the King and now on trial for massive corruption, also plundered a foundation for disabled children.

Urdangarin and Torres totally looted the foundation for disabled children they  had been put in charge of by Royal patronage.
Only 9,800 of more than 620,000 euros in donations earmarked for social purposes were received by public and businesses, the rest was pocketed by the Duke and his partners. Continue reading “Sack The King: Disabled Kids Fund looted by Royals”

Country Workers march Occupies royal Palace Hotel

en español abajo  The SAT , independent county workers trade union, yeasterday occupied the Moratalla Estate which inclyudes the palace Hotel  by Kaos. Andalusia
The SAT Palace Hotel occupies facilities Moratalla to eviction
More than 200 people, according to the organization, have entered “peacefully” in Moratalla, in the municipality of Hornachuelos Cordoba, in the second stage of labor march organized by the SAT. It contains the Hotel Palacio Moratalla. Continue reading “Country Workers march Occupies royal Palace Hotel”

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