Map of Shame: Mass Graves of Fascist-Catholic Regime still not Opened

Map:  All the known mass graves of the hundreds of thousands of victims of the fascist uprising and the Franco regime.

Spain has done little to give closure to the atrocities perpetrated during the dictatorship. Instead, as Alex W. Palmer explains in a recent article, Spain implemented a political agreement known as the “Pact of Forgetting.” 200,000 people were executed in the dictatorship—mostly by the fascist forces, still more died during the bombings of cities and towns in Spain, and some 370,000 were held in concentration camps.

Spain has exhumed the remains of only 9,000 victims of the long fascist-catholic regime in the last 19 years. A report urges the government to formalize an urgent plan to recover up to 25,000 more bodies in the next five years. This will depend on whether a far right coalition wins the April 2019 election.

In Paterna, some of the bones of 100 victims  found in graveyard 112 are cracked, which could mean that the people executed at the site were tortured. According to the AP’s Parra, archaeologists have asked authorities to launch a criminal investigation into the victims’ violent deaths.

Info partly from  Nacho del Río with thanks ……  ”Under the foundations that sustain a kind of modern democracy with serious ups and downs since 1978 a past framed in oblivion has been erected. Continue reading “Map of Shame: Mass Graves of Fascist-Catholic Regime still not Opened”

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