Spain: Prisoners Resisting Cruelty Start Hunger Strike on May 1st

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The distancing of prisons from cities and inhabited areas, the mental walls, the lack of conscience, the belief in a line between “the good guys” and the “bad guys” … we do not know what the reasons are, nor which of them has more strength so that we have reached this point, in which the people who are locked in the Penitentiary System, matter so little and generate this terrible lack of empathy outside.

We want to take out, for a moment, the voice of these people who are fighting. They themselves have written a proposal of collective struggle where they show “the situation in which we are systematically subjected to abuse of power, aggression, continued physical and mental torture, and inhuman and degrading conditions of existence in many aspects: medical-sanitary abandonment, labour exploitation, legal defenselessness, cultural discrimination, non-existent freedom of expression, etc. “

Faced with this situation; from within, from the incarcerated people, a proposal of Collective Hunger Strike has emerged to throw a ray of light on the normalized violence in prison, to reach “out”. Continue reading “Spain: Prisoners Resisting Cruelty Start Hunger Strike on May 1st”

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