Occupy Mobile Congress Strikers force Telefónica concession

foto_telefonica_0(VIDEO) Striking  Movistar workers occupy the headquarters the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

By Kaos. Labor and economy / Jesus Rodriguez

Late News: Telefonica relents and calls a meeting to negotiate the three demands of the strikers.  #OccupyMovistarstrikers leave, their mission accomplished: Telefonica has been forced to climb down after 51 days of the strike and agrees to meet with #ResistenciaMovistar.

A victory for the working men and women despite the long news blackout of the mainstream media and the treachery of the mainstream CCOO ‘communist’  and the ‘socialist’  UGT unions.CElY6KhXIAA-7qC“(VIDEO) The  strikers occupied the headquarters of Telefonica and the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

One hundred people entered the lobby of the building occupying it indefinitely, with the support of Iaioflautes, the Yellow Assembly, the PAH, the IAC, CGT anarcho syndicalist union and CUP Barcelona. Continue reading “Occupy Mobile Congress Strikers force Telefónica concession”

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