Mobilising for Climate Justice: Eco-anarchism in the UK

A direct action group shut down roads in London’s political district Friday evening to oppose new runway construction at London’s Heathrow Airport.

The rush-hour road-block in Parliament Square was the culmination of a campaign by Vote No Heathrow, an autonomous branch of the Rising Up direct action network. It saw a 14 day hunger-strike, solidarity fasts and arrests for non-violent civil disobedience.

Around 30 activists blocked a busy intersection next to the UK parliament demanding UK Labour and the Scottish National Party vote against the runway at Monday’s crucial parliamentary vote. Some were on the final day of a two-week hunger strike. Continue reading “Mobilising for Climate Justice: Eco-anarchism in the UK”

Activists block Heathrow Tunnel: Airports to be ‘Biggest Climate Wrecker”

United Kingdom: Activists Block Tunnel to Airport

from Plane Stupid
Heathrow_Airport_3510585bOn the 26th of November, just three days before the COP21 climate conference in Paris was due to start, three Plane Stupid activists blocked the main road access tunnel to Heathrow’s terminals 1, 2 and 3. This reportedly caused a traffic tailback several miles long as police directed inbound vehicles to one lane of the outbound tunnel. file photo of protests against expansion of Heathrow Airport in London_AFPOur early entry for the#ClimateGames sent a clear message to the UK government that expanding aviation is a no-go for the climate; were it to go ahead the UK would undoubtedly miss its emissions targets as set out under the 2008 Climate Change Act. Continue reading “Activists block Heathrow Tunnel: Airports to be ‘Biggest Climate Wrecker””

‘Grow Heathrow’ eviction Fri 15 Aug – Help Action Camp!

London: Grow Heathrow eviction notice 8am, Friday 15 Aug


On Friday 15th August at 8am, bailiffs will make their first attempt to evict Grow Heathrow (previously here and here). Four and a half years after the abandoned greenhouses in the middle of Heathrow Airport’s proposed third runway were occupied by local residents together with activists, Heathrow villagers are organising again to resist airport expansion that’s ruled out by climate science.

Residents of the 700+ homes a third runway would destroy have asked to be trained to protect their own homes. On Thursday 14th, the day before the bailiffs visit, there will be talks and workshops on how to peacefully resist the eviction and on how ordinary people successfully shelved plans for a noisy third runway. At 8am on Friday 15th, hopefully you can help protect our home from the County Court bailiffs, ready to do the same for other homes threatened by airport expansion. Grow Heathrow has been described as the ‘heart of the village’ by BBC News and ‘inspirational’ by the local MP. We are still trying to buy the land instead of having bailiffs at our home.

Continue reading “‘Grow Heathrow’ eviction Fri 15 Aug – Help Action Camp!”

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