‘Grow Heathrow’ eviction Fri 15 Aug – Help Action Camp!

London: Grow Heathrow eviction notice 8am, Friday 15 Aug


On Friday 15th August at 8am, bailiffs will make their first attempt to evict Grow Heathrow (previously here and here). Four and a half years after the abandoned greenhouses in the middle of Heathrow Airport’s proposed third runway were occupied by local residents together with activists, Heathrow villagers are organising again to resist airport expansion that’s ruled out by climate science.

Residents of the 700+ homes a third runway would destroy have asked to be trained to protect their own homes. On Thursday 14th, the day before the bailiffs visit, there will be talks and workshops on how to peacefully resist the eviction and on how ordinary people successfully shelved plans for a noisy third runway. At 8am on Friday 15th, hopefully you can help protect our home from the County Court bailiffs, ready to do the same for other homes threatened by airport expansion. Grow Heathrow has been described as the ‘heart of the village’ by BBC News and ‘inspirational’ by the local MP. We are still trying to buy the land instead of having bailiffs at our home.

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STOP new Amazon oil devastation

”There are always oil spills in the Amazon. Because the criminal predator oil companies care nothing for the environment, the health of the people or even the genocide of whole indigenous nations. this has been going on for 50 years, the biggest crimes being the 1000’s of spills and abandoned chemical lakes created over 30 years by Texaco (now Chevron) which even today uses it’s massive wealth to defend its impunity. Today while science proves that 60% of fossil fuels will have to stay in the ground to save us from catastrophic climate change, the race to extract continues worse than ever, with the connivance of ourselves, the 1st world fossil fuel junkies!

no more spills

Amazon oil spill has killed tons of fish, sickened native people

10380656_663357330412494_142501327768392504_oBarbara Fraser
Dead fish from an oil spill in the Peruvian Amazon are mixed with oil-covered twigs gathered by local residents. Fish are vital to the villagers’ diet and income. Reporters discovered there had been another smaller oil spill only 4 days before which the company claims was a ”normal maintenance procedure”

By Barbara Fraser     Environmental Health News     July 23, 2014

CUNINICO, Peru – On the last day of June, Roger Mangía Vega watched an oil slick and a mass of dead fish float past this tiny Kukama Indian community and into the Marañón River, a major tributary of the Amazon.

Community leaders called the emergency number for Petroperu, the state-run operator of the 845-kilometer pipeline that pumps crude oil from the Amazon over the Andes Mountains to a port on Peru’s northern coast Continue reading “STOP new Amazon oil devastation”

Click Here..to stop Climate change, cut CO2 by 30%, save the planet

you clicked the link!

hey hi there..I need your help.

I’m doing a micro campaign to promote NH3 fuel.

For a 100% cut in CO2 today!

It’s cheaper, safer, easy to make, and produces no CO2 or dangerous gases when burned.

You can now easily convert all petroleum using motors to run on NH3.

Switching to NH3 is simple, it’s already mass produced and distributed, for fertilizer.

So why the hell don’t we use it? We’re making our biosphere uninhabitable by burning petroleum.

The big corporations have boycotted the fuel for years, their profits are tied up in petroleum and gas.

Another reason is inertia.. just because it’s never been promoted properly.

CO2-free car crossed USA


I’ve tried gathering materials and contacts and links on this blog  thefreeonline.wordpress.com/category/ammonia-nh3-co2freefuel/

But nobody believes me. Why would anyone believe one more internet crank?

This is real. This is how you can really help

1) Check out the material, read the articles, follow the links, talk to your friends.

2)Put material on your blog, if you have one, or on Facebook, etc.

3) Send the link to environmental magazines, ‘experts’, etc.

Not so difficult. If a lot of us do this the ‘experts’ will have to take note, and at least try to make excuses.

Switching to NH3 fuel could reduce CO2 emissions by at least 30% (transport) if produced with renewables.

Plus it would save 100’s of 1000’s of ‘extra’ deaths per year due to air pollution. Which could be your own life!

Of course this is not ‘the solution’. We need a World Revolution!

But it’s a real easy reform that could gain time and maybe save the planet and our childrens’ lives.

Thanks for reading this far.. without your help I’m about to just give up!

all the best. mike gilli……..






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