34 Suicides a Week in Spain, many Due to Mass Evictions and No Work

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By Kaos. Madrid  There is a suicide every two days in Madrid due to mass evictions and lack of work, according to the Mortgage Affected Platform (PAH) which has produced a report with official data from the Police. They demand more involvement from mayor Carmena to stop the evictions.Resultado de imagen de SUICIDIO

Every five hours there is a suicide in Spain because of the economic crisis that plagues hundreds of thousands of families. In the Community of Madrid one  is estimated to occur every 54 hours, with evictions being a main focus.

These figures are more than dramatic data. The poor economic situation of hundreds of thousands of families in Spain, provokes in many occasions the loss of hope of the citizens.

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According to a report of the Platform of Mortgage Affected (PAH), which has had access to the Digital Confidential, there are about 34 suicides occur every week in the country. Occupying the Community of Madrid a mean of a suicide every 54 hours, which means three a week. Continue reading “34 Suicides a Week in Spain, many Due to Mass Evictions and No Work”

Spain: anarchist unions call GENERAL STRIKE. Oct31.

Final Update Oct 30th.  the General Strike call for tomorrow will go ahead as a ‘Day Of Struggle’ with direct actions in Catalunya, plus pickets, a partial transport strike, and a demo in the evening. This is an alternative and building resistance. It’s also been backed by the CNT anarcho syndicalist union, (which is quite small as it refuses to cooperate with the State.) Of course these anarchist unions also support the Nov 14th South Europe General Strike!

Update Oct 24th.. Finally the ‘majority’ Unions have called a General Strike for Nov 14th. But the CGT are going ahead with theirs anyway.. let’s see if it works!!

(summary translated by The Free). The big sold out Unions have so far failed to back the Anarchist call but are pressured to do so. All the Unions missed the chance to strike on Sept 26th with Euskadi and Greece and link with Occupy Congress..

Unemployment continues to increase in SEPTEMBER


…..More and more workers in the unemployment line, according to just released by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security with the September data in hand. There are 79,645 new people, an increase of 1.72% compared to the end of August, which reached a staggering 4.7 million registered unemployed in INEM offices, while membership in the Social Security descends by 86,174 people….

If to this we add the precarious labor precariousness of basic rights such as education and health-victims of savage cuts, alongside the dismantling and privatization of basic public services, the picture becomes bleak, and should be considered as a real provocation and insult to our dignity….. Continue reading “Spain: anarchist unions call GENERAL STRIKE. Oct31.”

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